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A leading global media company in communicating the message of Islam to the worlds, and strengthening bridges of cultural interaction between Muslims and non-Muslims.



Employ various media to introduce Islam, consolidate its principles and achieve its aims and objectives in bringing compassion and delight to humanity, and guide it to that in which lies its prosperity in this world and the hereafter.


Common Aims and Objectives

1. Introduce Islam, consolidate its principles and rejoin to the suspicions raised around it.

2. Promote the Islamic identity among Muslims, and shape the excellent and creative Muslim personality according to the moderate Islamic approach.

3. Call to hold fast to the Holy Qur'an and Sunnah, correct the belief, and purify Islam of all forms of polytheism, fads, fantasies and misapprehensions.

4. Disseminate the culture of constructive dialogue and cooperate in righteousness and piety with all religions, cultures, individuals and institutions, and highlight the common denominators, and promote human values that are consistent with the aims and objectives of the Islamic law.

5. Attend to Muslim issues, communicate with the Muslim minority in the world, react, and respond to their hopes and pains.

6. Attend to the jurisprudence of Muslim minorities in accordance with a genuine scientific approach that adopts the more preponderant scholarly opinion, taking into account the specificity of place and peculiarity of circumstances.

7. Study the contemporary jurisprudential issues affecting Muslims and clarify the Islamic legal stance on modern issues.

8. Create a transformed comprehensive encyclopedia of contemporary fatwas (Islamic legal verdicts), and service it scientifically and technically, to disseminate its utility and facilitate access to it.

9. Give answer to questions and consultations, respond to people's concerns and state the Islamic legal approach to solving their problems.

10. Disseminate Islamic legal science, facilitate access to it, introduce Islamic da'wah workers, and trustworthy scholars, facilitate communication among and with them, and generalize the benefit from their scientific output.

11. Create e-learning academies based on distance education system, to teach the Book of Allah and breed scholars and preachers.

12. Care for Muslim women, fortify and develop their talents, and promote their positive role in the propagation of Islam and service and advancement of the Ummah.

13. Pay attention to the youth, address their problems, and respond to their educational and recreational aspirations.

14. Care for the Muslim child, his education and skill development and occupy his time with every use and beneficial stuff.


Values ​​and Principles

1. Originality and Contemporaneity: Our bedrock and foundation is our pristine Shari'ah, Islamic values, and scientific and educational heritage. These are the basis of our activities while keeping abreast of the time, taking advantage of its data and information, and taking into account its prerequisites.

2. Creativity and Quality: Creativity in presentation and treatment, and keenness to invest every new and useful stuff, with deliberate steps and continuous evaluation.

3. Universality and Inclusiveness: Our discourse addresses all groups, and responds to all various segments of people: scholars and laymen, men and women, old and young, Arabs and non-Arabs, Muslims and non-Muslims, to profit them and benefit from them.

4. Moderation: We belong to a nation which Allah has rendered a moderate one among nations. He has and made us the best people for humanity, and the kindest of them to the creation, exhorting them to promote virtue and prevent vice. Our discourse is characterized by moderation and equability, far away from excessiveness and negligence, extremism and alienation, impersonation of the wrongdoers, and interpretation of the ignorant.

5. Good conduct and Kindness to people: We are not a platform for pessimism, discord, controversy and interference in the idiosyncrasies of others, but we believe that good manners and kindness to the creation are part of the most glorious acts of righteousness and beloved deeds to Allah, and that our Prophet, (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him)  wasn't sent but to perfect morals and that good manners is the most viable means to achieve our mission to serve Islam and bring happiness to humanity.

6. Cooperation in Righteousness and Piety and Communal Prohibition of Sin and Aggression: We believe that cooperation in righteousness is a legitimate devout duty and human requirement. So, our hands are outstretched with goodness to everyone, and our discourse addresses all segments of the society to profit them and benefit from them.


General Policies

1. Keenness on commitment to the Islamic legal rules and regulations, and taking heed of all that contradicts the Islamic law and regulations in force.

2. Shun promotion and publicity in favour of persons or parties, groups or governments or agitations of the times of ignorance.

3. Contribute to the achievement of cooperation and integration in the Islamic work.

4. keenness on the unity of the nation, and shunning of all causes of division and discord.

5. Avoid offending governments and agencies, and individuals and groups.


Our Achievements


Satellite channels:

1.   Cordoba global channel in Spanish.

2.   Salaam channel in Chinese.

3.   Islam message channel for the Holy Qur'an. 

4.  Semseme channel for kids.     


Web sites:

1.     The general site.

2.     Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) forum.

3.     Message for the Women.

4.     Sanad website for kids.

5.     English website for non-Muslims.

6.     English website for Muslims.

7.     French website.

8.     Spanish website.

9.     Chinese website.

10.   Russian website.

11.   Cordoba satellite channel website.

12.   Semseme satellite channel website.

13.   Islam message satellite channel website for the Holy Qur'an.



1.     The general forum.

2.     Islamic Jurists forum.

3.     Sanad and Raghad forum.

4.     Semseme forum.



The English section of” for online propagation of Islam consists of two distinct websites, which also contain links to other sites under the umbrella of the organization:

The first website focuses on presenting Islam to the English-speaking, young, educated and professional non-Muslims all over the world. Though, currently in a developing stage, the website intends to feature interactive presentations, Live Chat, a New-Muslim support system and a breadth of creative endeavors. The written materials on this site aim to serve a wide range of readers through academic, professional, traditional expository and creative writings. With the support of several professional writers, we hope to offer a thoughtful and up-to-date exposition of Islam by addressing themes of interest to the Western audience in particular and English-speaking Muslims at large.


The second website is targeted towards Muslim scholars, students and professionals all over the world. While we hope to introduce trustworthy scholars, facilitate ways to communicate with them and take full advantage of their knowledge and conduct, by disseminating their lectures, we also aim to study critical contemporary issues in Islamic Jurisprudence and establish the true Islamic viewpoints on current and future affairs of Muslim concerns. The website also transmits religious verdicts (fatwas) issued by Islamic jurisprudence councils, legislative commissions, Islamic verdict centers and senior ancient and contemporary scholars.

It is part of our drive is to create a forum for Muslim scholars all through the English-speaking world, facilitate the means to be in touch with them, have access to their academic findings and enable them interact with one another to address problematic matters of Islamic jurisprudence especially issues relating to Muslim minorities.

The site also includes online courses, information on latest book releases, latest PhD and M.A. thesis titles and abstracts offered at different universities and online academic e-journals with research papers written on variety of subjects in English. We hope that Almighty Allah will guide us through and grant us the needed support in all our endeavors solely meant to seek His pleasure. May His benedictions and peace be on the seal of Prophets and Messengers, Muhammad, his family and companions.






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