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What You Need To Know About The Secret Sect: An- Nussoriyyah
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It is an undeniable reality that human beings are known and recognized by their  behaviour and deeds, either individually or collectively. Also, different incidents had proved it clearly that it is difficult to hide ones behaviour, even if he wishes to do so, this is so because behaviour is something that manifests easily whether one wishes to act deliberately or unintentionally.


Since behaviour is said to be one of the outcome and results of the teachings of one's own religion, no doubt that it reflects at times the genuineness and goodness of such religion- but not always.


Many people among the Muslims, mostly those who have little or no knowledge about the Islamic creed (aqeedah) usually oppose bluntly whenever they heard some scholars as saying: anyone who belong to this or that sect should not be counted among the Muslims. Those illiterates objected the affirmation surprisingly and ignorantly, not knowing that reputable scholars never utter such statements unless their utterances are backed with proofs and evidences.


A lot among the Muslims might have been hearing about the sect called "al- Nusoeriyyah", proclaiming to be part of the Muslim ummah, but may not know the reality about the sect.


"Al- Nusoeriyyah" is a secret movement that came into existence in the third century after hijrah. Its followers were known to be among the extremist shites who claimed the presence of divine attributes in 'Ali bin Abu Talib (may Allah be pleased with him). Therefore believed him to be God who deserves to be worshiped. Apparently, the objectives of the founder of this sect is the destruction of Islam- the religion of truth. The usual cooperation between this sect and the invaders of the Muslim lands has been proved through the Islamic history.


The sect had been known across the history as "an- Nusoeriyyah" which is its original name, but the French occupiers in Syria had used another name for them: "al- 'Alawiyyah". The French helped them in establishing  their own country in the name of (Alawi State) in 1920 A.D which lasted till 1936 A.D. It has been discovered that they loved the second name for the fact that it concealed the reality of the secret sect and their being part of the shites.


At a time, the followers of the sect "al- Nusoeriyyah" succeeded in gaining ground to penetrate into the Syria national organizations. Later, they managed to improve their power and authority in the government in 1965 A.D by displaying themselves as "Sunnists" until the year 1971 A.D. When revolution took place Hafidh al- Asad from the sect became the president of the country, then his son Bashshar al- Asad. It should be noted that the revolutionary movement emerged from a group consisted of communists, nationalists and the members of the Baath party.



It has been said earlier that this sect used to claim Islam while in the real sense they are not Muslims. This fact would be buttressed up with cogent proofs in the coming paragraph when stating the views of the respected Muslim scholars about the ideologies of this sect and its followers.


Logically, the reader of this article can himself deduct the legal ruling in regards to this sect and its followers when he goes through the basic principles on which its creed relied. In brief, the main beliefs and ideologies of "al- Nusorriyya" could be stated as follows:

1-   They belief that the honorable companion 'Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) lives in the cloud after his soul had been freed from his body. So, whenever they pass by the cloud they say: "O Abu al- Hasan! peace be unto you", as they say that the thunder is his voice and the lightning is his lash.

2-   They have great love for Abdur- Rahman bin Muljim, the one who assassinated the noble companion 'Ali bin Abi Talib. As a result, they invoke Allah to be pleased with the killer, based on their claim that he was the one who freed the divine entity of 'Ali from his human body. So, he deserved to be praised and anybody who curse him is a sinner.

3-   Their Salat (prayer) is different in forms from that of the real Muslims, in the sense that it contains no prostration and number of rakats are different.

4-   They do not pray the Jum'ah prayer and do not do the purification before performing the Salat (prayer).

5-   Whenever they pray, their prayer is usually accompanied with recitation of certain superstitions in which they believe. They do not recite the verses of the holy Qur'an as Muslims have been ordered. Furthermore, they have no mosque for the congregation, rather they perform their so called Salat in their homes.

6-   In the sight of the followers of this sect, hajj (pilgrimage to Makkah) is counted as a form of idolatry.

7-   The meaning of Siyaam (fasting during the holy month of Ramadan) in the religion of this sect is to stay away from sexual intercourse during the month of Ramadan.

8-   They venerate the alcohol and all alcoholic substances.

9-   They have great hatred against the companions of our prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), especially the three great companions: Abu bakr, Umar and Uthman (may Allah be pleased with them all).

10-                They have no belief in giving the Zakat as it has been obligated on the Muslims. What they belief is giving out one fifth of what they earn as tax to their leaders and saints.


In a nut shell, it has been unanimously agreed upon by the respected Muslim scholars that the followers of the secret sect "al- Nusorriyya" are not Muslims, despite the fact that they claim to be part of the Muslim Ummah. In this case, it is forbidden for a Muslim to marry their women or give them a woman in marriage. Their slughtered animals are not permissible for a Muslim to eat. It is prohibited for a Musim to pray Salat al- janazat on anyone of them when he dies, and he should not be buried in the Muslims' cemetery. Also, they are not permitted to be employed in the Muslim army.


Having gone through the basic beliefs and ideologies of this sect, there is no doubt that it is on these tenets the followers of the sect relied in dealing with those who are not in conformity with them in views and beliefs. Therefore, a Muslim could conclusively discover the magnitude of that hatred which these people are having against the real Muslims and particularly the Sunnists, since the existence of this dangerous sect.



The followers of this sect are found in a region known as 'Jibaal al-Nusoeriyyiin' in 'al-Ladhiqiyya'. They've also spread to the neighbouring Syrian townships. While some of them reside in Lebanon and Palestine.


[This article is a summary of the section that deals with al- Nusoeriyyah sect in the book tittled "al- Maosu'at al- Muyassarah", Published by The World Assembly of  Muslim Youth (WAMY)].



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