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 The situation of the former Muslim societies was closely linked to the policies of their respective governors. The more the policy of the ruler or the Sultan was committed to the laws of Allah, the more his society was stable, prosperous, secure and closer to his religion.

The most prominent of those rulers and one of the finest rulers in Muslim history is the Caliph Umar bin Abdul Aziz, may Allah have mercy on him, He was the son of Abdul Aziz bin Marwan, the governor of Egypt while his mother, Umm-i-Aasim was the granddaughter of Caliph Umar Ibn Al Khattab. He was and still the example in justice and righteousness. his is evident from stability and prosperity of the Islamic community in its time.

Before his nomination to the Caliphate, the corruption reached its crescendo. The Umayyads were living in lavish palaces, surrounded with servants and maids, they were treating the public treasury as their privy purse and living like princes and kings. There was no accountability for their wealth or for their actions.


After he became the Caliph, he fought the corruption, fed the hungry people, enriched the poor, fulfilled needs of the weak. He was the father of orphans, the home of widows, and the refuge of the poor.

He achieved the social well-being of the Islamic community, so that money exceeded private and public needs. The rich were going out with zakat of their wealth, but they could not find a poor person to take it.

His justice did not fullfil needs of people only, rather it filled thier hearts with a sense of dignity and satisfaction.

He ordered his rulers to fill the needs of their lands, and the surpluse should be sent to the Treasury. If any of them was unable to cover the needs of his region, he was financed by the caliph.

He ensured that all needs of Muslim scholars were met, in order to devote themselves to their knowledge and mission without waiting for help of people. Thus, his era was flourished with great scholars and writers.


He ordered a person for every blind to lead him and do his affairs at the expense of the state, and ordered a servant for every patient or two patients at the expense of the state.

Briefly, the Caliph Umar first worked to build himself on sound legal foundations. On this basis, he embarked on the processes of building his society.

The most important thing in Umar's biography is justice in the system of government and the application of all its meanings to the parish.

This resulted in a safe, stable and rich society spiritually and materially. Indeed, the Islamic Ummah expanded greatly with a few conquests in his era;  Islam took roots and was accepted by a large segment of population of Persia and Egypt because of the good influence of this caliphate on the other nations.


May Almighty Allah rest his soul in peace and award him the best place in Paradise.


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