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 World Wide Association for Introducing Islam

It is one of the organizations of Muslim World League. It has its independent entity. Its mission is to introduce Islam, support its activities in different regions of the world, and clarify its pure image in a clear manner. Headquartered in Madinah, in addition to two branches, one in the city of Riyadh and the other in Jeddah. It has many achievements regarding propagating Islam, including:

-          Launching the Association's website. The site aims to introduce Islam in six languages: Spanish, English, Danish, French, Polish and German. the Association recruited advocates to call the world to Islam and confront the blasphemous attempts against Islam through sites of conversations and dialogues and forums on the Internet. Thanks to Allah, four Muslims have announced Islam due to this site.


-          Islamic Electronic Identifier

In 2011, WWAII began to launch 200 electronic devices to introduce Islam via an interactive program using touch. The devices, which were manufactured according to the Association requirements, were distributed to many Islamic centers in the Arab countries. Each device contains many electronic media (print, audio and video) about Islam in five different languages. It aims to present Islam in an attractive manner, considering the accuracy of the information and the material presented to suit all the target groups.


-          The book translation, printing and distribution project in the Scandinavian countries.

The project was carried out in response to the offensive caricatures of the Prophet, peace be upon him. Almost one million copies of the book "A Brief Guide to Understand Islam" were printed in Danish and Norwegian languages and distributed in Scandinavia. The copies include a brief of the Prophet's life (peace be upon him) , the correct religion, fifty questions in Aqeedah, and Riyad al-Salihin. The translation of these books varied between Icelandic, Danish, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian languages.

- Establishing many exhibitions to introduce Islam, such as: the exhibition of the city of Auckland in New Zealand in 2010. The exhibition included introducing Islam and its advantages and characteristics, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, the pillars of Islam and other acts of worship. It also familiarized the visitors with the Islamic heritage, Arabic calligraphy, Zamzam water and other pavilions.


The Cooperative Office for Invitation and Guidance in Madinah

-          The Office achieved great efforts in the call to Islam, and the number of Muslims who reverted to Islam  reached about (400 Muslims) until 2013. Below are some of its efforts:  

-          Conducting many lectures and forums for calling to Islam.

-          Distributing tens thousands of copies of the Qur'an, Tafsir, in addition to media and publications.

Contributing to almost 148 Hajj and Umrah trips for new Muslims.

-          Distributing more than 3 million religious books. 

-          Establishing an endowment located in the central area of ​​Medina and about 300 meters away from the Holy Mosque. Its total value is about 130 million riyals. The reason behind establishing this endowment is to support the Cooperative Office's fund which finances its efforts and programs.


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