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 Islamic Cultural Centre – Dammam

It is a charity cooperative center, supervised by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Da'wa and Guidance, relying - after Allah's help- on the efforts of benefactors and volunteers. The center has launched many projects in propagating Islam, among them:

-       Da'wa library: It is a bag containing 250 religious materials in 12 languages for Muslims and non-Muslims distributed to the men of Da'wa to facilitate propagating Islam in several languages.


-       Da'wa corner: The aim of the project is to invest the travel opportunity especially for some departures who may not return to Saudi Arabia. In addition to give a positive impression of the country, its religion, culture and civilization. Therefore, a corner of Da'wa has been established at King Fahad International Airport, through which religous leaflets, tapes and CD-ROMs are distributed to passengers, including titles in Aqeedah, introducing Islam, travel provisions, as well as special leaflets for women.


-       The Quran shelves: Distribution of wooden shelves carrying copies of the Holy Quran translated into 6 languages (English, Malayabari, Urdu, Bengali, Tamil, Indonesian) in mosques, hospitals, companies and places where non-Muslims congregate.


-       Iftar tents in the month of Ramadan: Thanks to Allah, in the holy month of Ramadan last year, many people have converted to Islam in these tents after seeing tolerance of Islam and solidarity of Muslims .

-       More than 5000 people benefited from it every day. The breakfast meal was accompanied by Ramadan lessons in several languages along with the distribution of carefully selected Da'wa materials on each tent during the holy month of Ramadan.


-       Each nationality and each language had a special tent and a pre-prepared program for propagating Islam, teaching the correct Aqeedah in the same language. Also, each tent provided lessons in removing innovations and superstitions about Islam, teaching them the right ways to perform prayer, fasting and the rest of worship acts, as well as teaching the Quran and its interpretation.



Cooperative Office for Call and Guidance and Education Communities in Khobar

It is one of the offices work under the supervision of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Da'wa and Guidance.

Main Achievements:

-       Iftar and Da'wa tents in Ramadan: Establishing tents for Iftar and Da'wa every year in the month of Ramadan in the past 12 years. This year, there were nine tents for, through which more than 70 thousand meals were distributed to Muslims from different nationalities, in addition to organizing varied programs before and after Iftar, including teaching the Holy Quran and principals of Islam, as well as distributing religious pamphlets and tapes in various international languages. Thanks to Allah, 48 people of different nationalities have converted to Islam in these tents during the last Ramadan.


-       Da'wa wa Rahma Project (Call and mercy): Distributing Da'wa gifts including more than 50 meals donated by benefactors and a number of religious brochures to a number of cleaners in various places in Khobar.


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