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 Cooperative Office for Call and Guidance at Yadamah Province

Main Efforts:

1 - Inviting to Islam:

 There is a special section to invite non-Muslims to Islam by full-time collaborators. Thanks to Allah, many people from different countries have converted to Islam.


2 - Lessons, lectures and speeches:

- Lessons and lectures are held in mosques, where more communities pray, such as mosques in Block factories, municipal housing, market, companies and institutions within the province. (Five regular Lessons are held each week).

- Suggested lessons and lectures:

      (1) lessons in the correction of Aqidah.

      (2) lessons in Fiqh.

      (3) Lessons in ethics.

      (4) lectures on the importance of Islam and its characteristics.

      (5) lectures on the suspicions raised about Islam.

      (6) lectures on the role of Muslim in life.


3 - Monthly meeting:

A monthly meeting is held at the last Friday of each month. It involves many activities, including the following:

·         Lectures in beliefs, Fiqh, behavior and others.

·         Asking questions to the attendees and giving the prizes to those who to encourage them.

·         Answering questions from the audience.

·         Holding religious and cultural competitions and awarding prizes to the winners.

·         Honoring the new-Muslims during the month.

·         Lunch.


4 - Da'wa tours:

The office organizes tours and field visits to meet with members of communities in their work place and houses to raise awareness of their religion, in addition to distributing Da'wa materials such as books, tapes, brochures, copies of the Qur'an translated into different languages, and others.


5 - Scientific and Cultural Competitions:

Each year, scientific and cultural competitions are held in different languages. Participants receive prizes in cash and in kind. In the past ten years, scientific competitions have been held in Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, and Malabari, in which a large number of Indian, Pakistani, Bengali and Afghan communities have participated. The competitions will be held in English, Pashtun and others.


6. Distributing food and clothes:

A large number of foodstuffs, ready-made clothes and blankets have been distributed to eligible communities in cooperation with the charitable association in Yadamah.


7. Providing financial assistance to beneficiaries:

The office also provides financial assistance to those who deserve the benefit such as the sick, retirees, those who cannot afford tickets to travel to their country, as well as new Muslims, to buy religious books and build their own houses.


8 - Printing books and brochures:

In view of the great impact of books and pamphlets in transmission of the true religion and correcting doctrines, the Office works on printing books and pamphlets, and so far, it has printed three booklets in Bengali and Urdu from the Communities section of the office. However, the section needs special support for the printing project.


9 - Breakfast for fasting people:

Breakfast meals for fasting people are organized each year during the month of Ramadan at Al Rajhi Mosque. The number of attendees is about 100 to 125.


10 - Organizing free Hajj and Umrah trips:

The Communities section organizes campaigns for Umrah, Hajj, and visits to the Prophet's Mosque. The office bears all expenses of eating, drinking, housing, gifts and others during travel. To date, the Office has conducted 11 Umrah campaigns, one visit to the Prophet's Mosque, and 3 Hajj campaigns.


11 - Honoring new Muslims:

The office honors all new- Muslims in front of worshipers at Al Rajhi Mosque after Friday prayers directly by the Judge of Yadamah may Allah protects him. During the ceremony, the Office offers the new Muslim gifts in kind and in cash.





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