Prayer Time

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 My dear girl, you are beautiful and don't need to melt yourself in others or impersonate them. Your flaws can be converted to good qualities only when you love yourself and become satisfied with God's choices for you.


My dear girl, human beauty is not perfect! it doesn't require you to be wonderful in everything, nor to be as others want you to be. Beauty is a state of harmony between our good ideas, good habits and pure souls. Purifying our souls through worship, and our thinking through knowledge, as well as improving our behaviors through acquiring good habits make our natural beauty -given by God-  obvious and bright on our faces and lives.


Do not try to imitate any famous girl, nor to speak like a woman, an actress, a female singer or any of the celebrities on media; this melts your most important qualities: your special character. Absolutely, this does not imply not to learn from others or improve yourself. The problem is when you try to be an exact replica of someone else, as if you don't have wonderful talents or abilities that just need an improvement.


Be yourself

Friends who want you to be someone other than yourself are not true friends; True friendship brings out the best you've got.

When you try to be someone else, you feel tired within you, as if you're inadequate and unworthy of love on reality. Regrettably, by so doing, you diminish your confidence, so how can your friends push you to do this?


Be yourself, in the tone of your voice, the way of your talking and your spontaneity. Improve yourself, but do not marginalize yourself and hide behind masks.

Whoever loves you as you are, is the one who truly loves you, not those who love your ability to fabricate and imitate.



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