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Ruling on Attending Mawlid for those Who Believe that it is Invalid.


Is it permissible to attend innovative celebrations, such as celebrating the night of the Prophet's birth, the night of Al-Mi'raj, and the night of the middle of Sha'baan, for those who believe that it is illegal, in order to show the truth?


Firstly: The celebration of these nights is not permissible, rather they are part of innovations.

Secondly: Attending these ceremonies in order to condemn them and show the truth about them, and that they are innovations that are not permissible to do - is allowed islamically, especially for the someone who strong enough in explanation and that he very sure of his safety from fitnah.

As for attending them for the purpose of watching, entertainment and reconnaissance are not permissible; because doing that involves joining its people in their evil, and it also contributes in increasing their number and promoting their innovations.

May Allah grant us success. And may Allah's peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions.

Source of the Fatwa:

Fatwa Issued by: The Permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and Ifta.

Fatwa no.: (6524).

Origin of the Fatwa in Arabic Language:


هل يجوز حضور الاحتفالات البدعية، كالاحتفال بليلة المولد النبوي، وليلة المعراج، وليلة النصف من شعبان، لمن يعتقد عدم مشروعيتها لبيان الحق في ذلك؟


ثانيًا غشيان هذه الاحتفالات وحضورها لإنكارها وبيان الحق فيها، وأنها بدعة لا يجوز فعلها - مشروع، ولا سيما في حق من يقوى على البيان ويغلب على ظنه سلامته من الفتن. أما حضورها للفرجة والتسلية والاستطلاع فلا يجوز؛ لما فيه من مشاركة أهلها في منكرهم وتكثير سوادهم وترويج بدعتهم.


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