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Examples of True Friendship and Brotherhood in Islam.

In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful. May Allah bestow His peace and blessings upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad, his family and his companions. To proceed;

Yahya bin Mu'ath said: "The friend who you need to say to him: Remember me in your supplication is not a good friend, and living with him in an official manner, or you need to apologize to him!" (Manhaj Al-Qasideen: 96).

It was narrated that 'Ubaydullah ibn al-Waleed said: Abu Ja'far Muhammad ibn Ali said to us: "Do anyone of you enter his hand in the sleeve of his friend and take what he needs?" (i.e to enters his hand into the pocket of his companion to take money from it). We said: No, he said: "You are not brothers as you claim!" (Huliyyat Al-Awliya': 3/187).

One of the Salaf came to his friend's house, his friend came out to him and said: What brought you? He said: I borrowed four hundred dirhams. So his friend went back to the house and weighed it, then went out and gave it to him. Then he went back to the house in tears. His wife said, "wouldn't you gave him an excuse if giving it to him is hard on you?" He said: "I only cry because I did not check on him; till he needed to tell me that !!" (At-Tabsirah 2/263).

Ibn 'Aa'ishah said: "In the past, If a man wanted to hurt his brother, he will seek his need from others". (Al-Mujalisah: 4/406).

Malik bin Moghul said: Talha ibn Malik (may Allah have mercy on them both) said to me: "Meeting with you is better to than honey!" (Al-Ikhwan written by Ibn Abi Ad-Dunya: 138).

Ibrahim ibn Adham (may Allah have mercy on him), went on a journey with three men, they entered a mosque in one of the villages, the cold was severe, and the mosque has no door. When they slept, Ibrahim stood on the door till morning. One of them said to him: You did not sleep? He said: "I feared that the cold would affect you, so I stood at the door!" (At-Tabsirah 2/263).

It was narrated that Rabah ibn al-Jarrah said: Fath al-Musili came to the house of a friend of his by the name of Issa Al-Tammar but he did not meet him in the house. He said to the maid: "Bring me my brother's bag." So she brought it out, he opened it and took two dirhams from it. And when Issa came, the maid told him what happened, he said: "If you are telling the truth I will free you". So he looked into the bag and found out that it was true, he freed her immediately. (At-Tabsirah by Ibn al-Jawzi 2/29).

Abu Sulaiman al-Darani said: "I had a brother for the sake of Allah Almighty, I said to him one day: Give me some dirhams. He said: How much do you want? He lost my respect and his brotherhood love came out of my heart for saying: How much do you want?!" (At-Tabsirah by Ibn al-Jawzi 2/280).

So, Where are we from our brothers? And how is our friendship with our friends?! Are we honest in our friendship and brotherhood relations? Are we doing it to seek the pleasure of Allah or are we doing it for some returns and worldly benefits? Ask yourself these questions my brother and sister in Islam and try to make it right base on your answers.


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