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“DO they not travel through the land, so that their hearts (and minds) may thus learn wisdom and their ears may learn to hear? Truly it is not the eyes that are blind but the hearts which are in the breasts”. Q22:46.


The word for “heart” in Arabic is Al-Qalb, imports both the seat of intelligent facilities and understanding as well as the centre of affection and emotion. Besides, it is the “base” for belief and disbelief. The heart apart from its biological role of pumping blood round the body system serves both intellectual and most importantly spiritual role in the life of every individual. The heart in the breast cage is also in the centre of taqwa (the consciousness of Allah’s presence of every time and place). The Holy Prophet (SAW) said, “Al-taqwa haa hunaa- meaning, “The fear of Allah is centred here”, (pointing to his heart). The heart also is an organ in the body which requires spiritual vouchsafe (purity) before the whole body can be claimed to live a life of purity. This is in accordance with the saying of our noble Prophet (SAW) when He said; “… verily, there is an organ in the body which when sound makes the whole body sound (as well) but when polluted makes the whole body polluted; indeed it is the heart”.


The heart in most cases is used as synonym to “mind”. An effective body is a true revelation of the state of mind and vise versa. Our mind has the most amazing power, most of which are yet to be discovered and learned. The seemingly unlimited potentials of the mind can be tapped to attain the peak of spiritual growth and intellectual brightness. There are two levels to the mind.


The first level in the consciousness mind which is our perception of what happens around us, our rational thinking and our behaviours while the second level is the subconscious level. This level is considered as our back-up system, the storage unit of our emotions.

Positive thoughts generate prosperity and bliss while negative ones result in trouble and distress. The implication of this is that every thought or state of mind directly affects both our physical and spiritual body. Cells cannot discriminate between true or false suggestions sent to them by the mind-whether conscious or subconscious, they accept them as they are. Therefore, the key is belief or ‘Iman.


It is the belief that is really lacking in the live of most Muslims who engaged in fasting in the whole month of Ramadan and with immediate effect returned to their old evil practices on the very day of ‘eidul-fitri. These people used beer and other alcoholic drinks to disengage themselves from the Holy month of Ramadan. They bade the month farewell with thick smokes of Marijuana and tobacco. These are the Muslims who considered fasting as a punishment for their previous years’ sins rather than being an-atonement they treated fasting as a culture rather than religion. The consciousness of the immense reward so preserved for a fasting person was lacking in them. Such people only suffered hunger, thirst and wakefulness instead of reaping Allah’s pleasure during the existed month. The positive effect of fasting and good fruits of all the acts of ‘ibadah which the pious reaped in were not enjoyed by these less conscious Muslims.

Allah (SWT) tells us about those who do not use their internal instinct to reach the true path. “And surely, we have destined many of the Jinns and Humans for hell-fire. They have hearts with which they do not understand, they have eyes with which they do not see, and they have ears with which they do not hear (the truth). They are like cattle, nay even, more astray: those, they are the heedless ones! Q7:139.


The subconscious mind is very sensitive to suggestions; especially evil suggestions. It does not have the ability to negotiate or barter; it simply receives whatever is sent to it and accept it. Those operating at this level need be upgraded, faith is the key! This exactly is what Allah meant when He (SWT) promulgated the decree as mentioned in the directive for fasting.


Those who reaped the reward are the men and women of faith and knowledge. Their minds are conscious of these great rewards and so worked tooth and nail to earn it believing in its reality.


My humble suggestion and advice is that we have the power to correct our beliefs and convictions. This is a built-in mechanism in need to learn how to work with it to get the full benefit from it.


Prophet Muhammad (SAW) asked us to make remembrance of Allah, and gave us dozens of examples of Dhikr-Allah. Some of these are to be recited specifically in the morning and evening. These are not ordinary meditation exercises; they are a continuous active practice, a regeneration of our faith and belief. If we practice them regularly, they constitute what hypnotherapists called a type of autosuggestion protecting us from poverty, diseases and evil-thought and opening for us the door to prosperity and happiness.




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