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1-  Publication of a missionary  journal, specialized in  aspects needed by preachers, especially news and pressing issues.

2-  One who invites to the path of Allah speaks in the tongue of the Islamic Legislation and not the language of custom. Instances of deserting the holy Quran is the act of some preachers who have abandoned it in their speech while preaching to the people despite its blessings and influence. How eloquent will it be if a preacher supports his speech with texts of Islam! He should not limit his speech for    instance to women's makeup due to the fact that wanton display of graces has become a social  defect and  disgrace. People should be addressed by the Word of Allah and His Messenger (blessings and peace of Allah be on him) and not the words of the preacher.

3-  Educating people and getting them used to establishing contact with scholars and preachers whenever there is a problem, perhaps there may be a legal aspect that requires the assistance of these specialists.

4-  Asking writers and readers to write and  to earn their output, being it prose or poetry and to harness it to address the people. They should be used to raise their faith and conscience and inspire their morals for the Hereafter.

5-  Trying to get rid of regionalism in a speech meant for Islamic propagation (lecture - book ... etc.) and to use global speech due to the expansion of communications today.

6-  To make excessive prayers and invocations to Allah the most High, at times of swift response, with sincerity, for one’s family, brethren, preachers, the vulnerable, the Mujahideen, the underprivileged, the dead and all Muslims.

7-  To deduct a portion of the monthly salary for charity activities and to urge and remind colleagues of that.

8-  To present the missionary  achievements and enterprise  to the people  in order to inspire them to increase their confidence and support.

9-  To design sun  preventing plates which are placed on the glass in the interior front of the car to bear statements and useful phrases or verses  of invitation to Islam .

10-              The teacher should invest his efforts in private free or subsidized lessons, just like the doctor who gives free medicine, the employee who provides facilities for the clients; by taking advantage of the availability of good opportunity to penetrate the hearts of  people, and give advice and guidance to clients.


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