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Prayer Time

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1-  To keep in one’s company booklets, leaflets and tapes, in the car, at work; for distribution and dissemination.

2-  To switch on the holy Qur’an Radio station in the place of work or  shop for people to take advantage of them.

3-  To guide to legitimate alternatives, such as summer places that do not involve perpetration of evils, modest  markets and clinics ... e.t.c. so that it will be easier for people to desist from the prohibited.

4-  To allocate programs or special mediums, in the media to respond to the suspicions of atheists and wrongdoers.

5-  To take advantage of the mail boxes at the gates of houses and to persistently put leaflets of Islamic propagation therein.

6-  To make intercession a means of inviting to the path of Allah, by giving the person seeking intercession good advice and guidance.

7-  To encourage the righteous people to purchase and deal with stores that sell things that are not legally prohibited.

8-  To benefit  as much as possible from the activation of government regulations and  decisions and to make them known to preachers so they can invest them for the benefit of Islamic propagation.

9-  To establish educational nights, interspersed with various da’wah activities (lecture, competition ... etc)  which shall begin by Maghrib prayer and continue till after dawn. They can be held in the mosque or at school.

10-              To establish special short training courses, focused on self-education in the skills of the faith of an individual.



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