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Prayer Time

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1-  To spread all Islamic activities you see or hear of and guide others to it for you will have similar reward of those that act upon it.

2-  To invite one of the  pilgrims  and  visitors to your house and talk with him directly while he remains in your hospitality.

3-  To utilize family gatherings in introducing some  missionary projects.

4-  To write promotional letters, for such letters of commendation stir up the morales for perseverence and development.

5-  To develop and select appropriate expressions for preaching, in the  automatic answering telephone machine.

6-  To focuss attention on associates and lovers of Islamic propagation to deduct part of their monthly salary to ensure the continuation of the Da’wah project  and to relieve the charity donor so he can continue his offer with ease and without cost.

7-  To allocate special centers for listening to social problems by appointing male and female professionals capable of contributing to the solution of these problems through the telephone only. Other mediums besides this should not be received being them written or personal interviews, to limit the effort to just one method. This will help to avoid diversification of the activity which may weaken the role and require great potentials.

8-  To bring about a recreation center in the neighborhood, even if on rent and  provide it with many means of attracting community groups but it shall be directed and managed in a sound manner through Islamic propagation programs.

9-  To select the right home and school, which offers many incentives for religiosity, like the presence of righteous persons or an Islamic atmosphere or active preachers ... etc.

10-              To give good treatment to guests of Islamic invitation through smile and mingling with them with humility, reverence,  respect, and offering of gifts.



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