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 Yazid Ibn Habeeb said: “Establishing a proof on parents is undutiful (towards them)”

·        Aspects of kindness to parentsn include the following:

Hasan was questioned on a man whose mother asked him to break his fast, should he fast or break it? He said: “he should break the fast and is not binding upon him to make it up, and he has the reward of the fast and goodness towards parents…(fasting in the above refers to non-obligatory fast).


One should try to comprehend their needs so as to hasten towards fulfilling them before their request.


If you are guided by Allah and aided to do good to one of your parents, or both of them, do not be beguiled by shaitaan by this selection, so that he (shaitaan)would whisper to you “what is the role of your other siblings? Where are they?”


Hasan Al-Basri said to a man: for you to prepare super for your mother and to sit by her to entertain her is dearer to me than an optional pilgrimage.


Demonstrating good relation with your brothers and sisters, keeping silent over pains caused by them to you, pardoning them and hiding their faults whiles in the presence of your parents.


Is quite painful for a parent to be living with his grown up sons, then hardly will they be seen with him, even sometimes he is seen in the company of a foreigner as his driver in hospitals, Mosques, ceremonies and other occasions.


Do not be disassociated by these modern equipments from physical and verbal contact with your parents. Is a disgrace for one to be in the presence of his parents’ whiles he is kept busy from them.

Teaching them what they knows not and making them enlighten on their religious affairs so as for them to worship Allah with knowledge, however, it must be done with a high degree of discipline and good choice of words and presentation.

Converse with them in matters of their interest and not in issues you like, make them feel you love them, feel pleasured whiles serving them.


It is not an act of kindness towards parents for you to make them feel your other siblings do not care about them, and that you are the only dutiful one. Make them understand that they are the comfort of the eyes of their children and the shortcomings of their other children are only due to circumstances beyond their control.


Show your parents something of your devotions towards Allah for nothing is dearer to their hearts than the righteousness of their children.


Do not argue with your brothers in a way that leads to you raising your voices in their presence as in that is disturbance to them and lack of respect of their lofty presence.

We must know that, due to old age, ones parents may lack patience and may have a lot of demands,

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“…say not to them a word of contempt, nor repel them,…”(Q:17:23)


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