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A man performed fasting in the month of Ramadan and forgot to give out Zakat-l-Fitr, and could not remember till the month of Dhul Qadah of the same year. What should he do now?

Answer: What is compulsory for the Muslim when he forgot to give out zakatil fitri in its fixed time i.e before performing Eid prayer is to quickly pay it immediately he remembers, because Zakat-l-Fitr is an Islamic obligation which cannot be pardoned due to forgetfulness, he would rather give it out instantly he recollects, comparing to daily prayer or who slept off during the time of the prayer. As it was reported in sahih Muslim that the Prophet (peace be upon him) had said: "Whoever forgets a prayer should performed it, whenever he remembers for there is no expiation for that except performing of the prayer." Al – Bukhari 597, Muslim 684. If this is the case with regard to prayer which is the greatest of time-specific duties, then it is more appropriate in other cases. 

Likewise is the person who is an authorized representative of giving out of Zakati-l-fitr on behalf of someone, then he was careless of doing it or forgot to pay it. It is compulsory on him to perform it whenever he remembers in the immediate time!

However, if he deliberately delay it, he has sinned and it is duty on himto make it up. But if he forgot or slept and could not wake up till he missed the time period, then there is no sin on him and it is compulsory to pay it.




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