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In the passage of the days, and in the timing of lifespans are lessons!! The days go altogether, and the ages are quickly folded, but you, O son of Adam, is a group of days. Whenever a day goes, some of you are gone, and your deeds are credited for you, either in the record of your good deeds or your bad deeds. He spoke the truth who said: 
We get close to the end of life at every moment and our ages fold and are phased away
Depart from the world with good deeds and piety.

For your lifespan are days, and they are few.

It seems to one of us that he progresses and increases with the days and grows, but in fact he  fades and diminishes, and the days destroys his lifespan either he feels it or not, because his life is limited, and the  breath is numbered, and every moment that passes over him takes away his lifespan, reduces his age, make him farther away from the world in proportionate of what it gets him near to the Hereafter: 
man is nothing but a rider on the back of his age.

          On a journey he will exhaust in a day and month.

He sleeps and wakes up every day and night

                             Getting far from the world and drawing closer to the grave.
And you benefits nothing of your life , Oh son of man except  what you have done in obedience to your Lord, and what you sent forth of  good work you will find it at the time you are in dear need of it, in a day that money nor children benefit except one who came to Allah with a sound heart: 

        we  rejoice at the days that we traverse,

                                           and every day that is past, brings death closer,

do good deeds for yourself in diligent

                          For surely, profit and loss are both in deeds.

We have been living Ramadan with its goodness and blessings, and we are happy to pray at its night and fast on its day. we rejoice in it on  the competition of the believers in goodness, their coming together to the prayers, their abstinence from sins and evils, thus,  as soon as  this blessed month entered the Muslim community was shadowed with  purity and cleanliness, fear (of Allah) and faith, keeners towards goodness and virtues deeds, the spread of virtues and good deeds, the market of corruptions and evils was blocked and its people are ashamed to commit them, or at least to declare them and make them public. It was a garden of tranquility for the righteous, and was an imprisonment and restraint for the oppressors. The mosques were full, hearts were humbled, the palms were raised in humility (in supplication), the souls were purified and the tongues were engaged in the remembrance of Allah.
Today, those days are over, and the fast and Qiyam (prayer at night) are over, and those lamps are extinguished, and our meeting for Taraweeh prayer ends, and we return to the custom, and we have deserted the month of obedience and worship. 
May the salutations of Allah be on such days. Peace of Allah be upon the month of fasting and night prayers (Qiyam. May you be under the protection of Allah oh you month of Qur’anic recitation and Allah’s glorification, and in the hostage of Allah oh month of Tahajjud and Taraweeh, and in the safety of Allah oh you month of worship and true faith, and you month of competition and profitable trade, and a month in which even the miser observes generosity and even the cripple strives in worship.

Peace from the Beneficent at all times,

                           Upon the best month , it has passed with its time

Peace be upon the month of fasting 

            For surely, it is a security from the Most Merciful, and every safety.

And we have lessons in what has passed of our lives and admonition and reminder in what we sent forth of deeds. Surely, there is none among us except that he has done some good and some evil, left behind good and bad, and mixed up good and bad work. , let us compare between our good actions and bad ones, and look at the amount of profit in this and the loss in that, to recognize the excellence of obedience over sin, and the good consequences of obedience in this world and the Hereafter. 
As for obedience: it’s fatigue and hardship has worn out and its reward and treasures are affirmed with Allah, and the owner shall find it at the time he is of more need of it.

يَوْمَ تَجِدُ كُلُّ نَفْسٍ مَّا عَمِلَتْ مِنْ خَيْرٍ مُّحْضَرًا

“On the Day when every soul finds all the good it has done presented…”(Aali-Imraan:30)

It shall be a consoling companion for him in the grave, and a shade for him on the Day of his resurrection and it shall be the cause of his gaining the pleasure of Allah and His Paradise.

وَنُودُوٓا۟ أَن تِلْكُمُ ٱلْجَنَّةُ أُورِثْتُمُوهَا بِمَا كُنتُمْ تَعْمَلُونَ

"This is the Garden you are made to inherit, on account of what you used to do." (Al-A’raaf:43)

كُلُوا۟ وَٱشْرَبُوا۟ هَنِيٓـًٔۢا بِمَآ أَسْلَفْتُمْ فِى ٱلْأَيَّامِ ٱلْخَالِيَةِ

"Eat and drink merrily for what you did in the days gone by." (Al-Haaqqa:24)

This is the reward of the obedient in the Hereafter, but in this world he is blessed with a good life, complete tranquility and true happiness, and he will find Allah’s aid and help, and His directions and guidance, His protection guardianship and He will give him honor and respect. Allah will put his love in the hearts of the  creation in addition to what he feels in his heart of the joy of victory over the soul and the devil, and the sweetness of proximity to the Most Merciful, and the feeling that he will not be prevailed over and that Allah is his Helper and Supporter, and that Allah shall never cause him to go astray and will lead him and guide him as said by Allah; the Most High:

ذَٰلِكَ بِأَنَّ ٱللَّهَ مَوْلَى ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُوا۟ وَأَنَّ ٱلْكَٰفِرِينَ لَا مَوْلَىٰ لَهُمْ

“That is because God is the Master of those who believe, while the disbelievers have no master.” (Muhammad:11)

This is the special God-consciousness, the special Master-ship, which necessitates assistance and support, guidance and direction. And the believer’s share of this is to the extent of his obedience to Allah, and his perfection in carrying out the rights (obligations) of Allah Almighty and the rights of His creation. 



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