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In the previous parts of this article during the last couple of weeks, we discussed the transformation that can take place in our personality on acting upon the information and understanding of Surah Al-Asr, Surah Al-Baquara (ayat 177), Surah Al-Muminun (ayaat 1-11), Surah Al-Marij (ayaat 22-35) and Surah Luqman (ayaat 12-19).This will add finishing touches to our personality, making it a matured one and like the one which is liked and loved by Allah the Exalted, having the following salient features as mentioned in the last ruku of Surah Al-Furquan, ayaat 63-77.


We have already discussed some of the salient characteristics of a matured personality. Now, the next feature of a matured personality – true servant of Allah – is that when they are reminded about the ayaat (signs) of Allah the Exalted, they don’t ignore it by falling deaf and blind to them but are deeply moved and accept them. They follow and practice what they are enjoined and refrain from what is forbidden.


A matured personality becomes a role model first for his/her own family. Now, he/she focuses his/her attention towards his/her spouse and children. And the first thing they do is pray to Allah the Exalted:“Our Lord, bless us with wives and children, who may be the comfort of our eyes, and make us leaders of the righteous.” In ayat 65 we prayed for our own salvation:“Our Lord, save us from the torment of Hell, for its torment is killing” but here in the ayat 74 our attention has now turned towards our spouses and children. It becomes our biggest desire that our spouses and children are also on the right path, have taqwa and are always concerned and dutiful so as to be practicing Muslims in order to be successful in both the worlds.


As parents, our concern for our children now doesn’t remain limited to best schooling, subjects that will lead to most successful career, professions which are in demand and most paying, suitable boys or girls for their marriages so that they have the highest status and best of life and so forth. Rather, on each and every step our concern towards our children would be as per hidayat (the Guidance) of the Qur’an so that they get the best in this world and akhirah (the Hereafter) and their life is not limited to the enjoyment of this world only.


We come to understand that in today’s world, it is not enough for the father to bring home the money and then feel he has done his job as the worldly needs of their spouses and children could be taken care of with that money. Instead, we should always remain concerned for ensuring that our children get best Islamic and moral education based on the Qur’an and Hadith. They develop such a personality that they are always distinct by the way they appear, walk, speak, etc. with others in the society and one can easily figure out – who is Sunita and Sadia– among two girls standing anywhere. Thus, we become the leader, as father, of the muttaqui (righteous people), i.e. our spouses and children on the Day of akhira in maidan-e-hashr. This is what is meant by the last portion of the ayat. So, it becomes very important for us to take our spouses and children in the direction of being muttaqui and not only for the future of this world but for the Hereafter as well rather most importantly. What we are trying to make out of our sons and daughters is our litmus test – it reflects our inner values. Therefore, Allah says:Your wealth and your children are only a trial, whereas Allâh! With Him is a great reward (Paradise) 64:15.


Lastly, for such a matured personality whose features are mentioned in this ongoing series of articles, the last fewayaat assure that “such are the people who will be rewarded with high palaces for their fortitude, wherein they will be welcomed with due respect, honour and salutations” and “wherein they will live forever: what an excellent abode and what an excellent resting place!” The word sabr (fortitude) is used here in its most comprehensive sense. Matured personalities or true servants of Allah the Exalted remain firm and steadfast in their struggle to establish Allah’s way in the land; they carry out their duties enjoined by Allah sincerely without any concern for worldly loss and deprivation; and they withstand all temptations held out by Shaitan and all the lusts of the flesh. 



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