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“O Mohammed! God will never disgrace you as you are helpful and good to your kin, welcomes guests, supports oppressed, bears all and helps those who defend rights.”


These words are said by Khadija- may God be pleased with her- to the first master of morality, prophet Mohammed –peace be upon him- when he came back home frightened and distressed telling her (Cover me ..Cover me).


She inferred by her good nature that who has such good morals and high principles, God will never disgrace him.


And today!! Are we apply such morals and deal with them?


The one who thinks of ethics at this time finds lack of many aspects of our behavior and our dealings with each other. This is not a figment of my thoughts or innovations, but it is a bitter reality we have lived and seen and many of us deal with it and have justifications. All people including me are doing so ignoring the educational rule and the creator of humans who created people in good behavior.


According to the reality of the field where I work I feel that the ship of ethics sails in a rough sea whose waves plashed in all sides and we don’t know which direction it goes or on what beach will it anchor?


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Our crisis

Our real crisis in this age is the crisis of ethics and upbringing.


The exit of this ethical chaos is a serious return to the bases of upbringing (I was sent to complete good morals); the rule which led to generation bearing mature moral values that changed the history and built human being.


There are some references for those who will carry the flag of upbringing and for all of us as well:


First: sincere desire to make reformation (I desire no more than to set things to rights in so far as it lies within my power)


Secondly: science supporting change (Say: “Can they who know and they who do not know be deemed equal?)


Thirdly: continuous work to achieve success ("Work ye, sons of David, with thanks!)


Fourthly: asking God for help (but the achievement of my aim depends on God alone.) 


Fifthly: leniency (And it was by God's grace that thou [O Prophet] didst deal gently with thy followers:  for if thou hadst been harsh and hard of heart, they would indeed have broken away from thee)


Our slogan

Let our slogan be building a castle of ethics and the first building block in this construction is written on it in clear handwriting "Start by yourself".




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