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The modern definition of "knocking your head against a brick wall" is attempting to tackle anti-Islamic propaganda, online and in the Western media, with a zero budget. Yet, despite the abundance of wealth in the Muslim world, there remains a dearth of smart, effective, foundations arguably focused on the most pressing one sided conflict of our age: the war of words.

This week, London’s Central Mosque in Regent’s Parkhosted a special seminar on this subject, "The Role of Islamic Centres in Correcting Misconceptions." The line up of speakers was a who’s who of high ranking Islamic scholars and community leaders, from the UK, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Things began promisingly enough.

His Excellency, Dr. Abdullah Bin AbdelMohsin Al-Turki, Secretary General of the Muslim World League, assured the specially selected audience that, “The Muslim World League considers addressing misconceptions about Islam as a priority today," whilst "Islamic minorities have duties to educate and direct youngsters so they can face these problems and communicate with others."

The "Apologentsia"

No wonder Islam has such a bad name today. We have the worst Public Relation machinery in the world.

But how should scholars and community members' direction for youth be applied in order to urge them to take on the might of Islamophobic machinery? Certainly; this cannot be assumed by using the tired old tactic of being apologetic all the time.

The United States and Europe have witnessed the birth of one of the most depressing recent phenomenon, which is the sight of Muslim community leaders limping heavy headed into any TV studio that will host them.

They then accept a barrage of abuse from a right wing host (dressed up as an "interview”) before bleating: “We express regret at the latest attempt by extremists to hijack our religion."

Never for a moment could the supporters of the "Apologentsia" phenomenon see the irony in this painstaking fact. Even if they appear on CNN apologizing for a committed crime, which is aloof from Islamic ethos and ethics, our faith remains, in the public mind, linked to the "extremists" actions.

Muhammed Ali Harrath, CEO of Islam Channel, laid out the link between what is digested by the general public via the press, and an increasingly violent response to Muslim citizens across Europe.

Completely invented stories such as "Muslims Ban Christmas” and "No-go areas ruled by the fanatics” have real impact at street level in Britain today.

At the meeting, heads nod wisely, notes are made. Yet nothing earth shattering erupts from the illustrious panel. Useful information of which the gathered attendees are all well aware become once more chewed over in an intelligent, if somewhat tired, way.

What Needs to Be Done

We all know what needs to be done. When an outright lie appear in mainstream media about a Muslim citizen, group, charity, or the faith, the news group responsible needs to be sued.

This means the Muslim community in each country requires a legal fund that will be ready to take on such high profile cases.

This will fight them to the bitter end; whatever the cost was, the employment of the best legal minds will lead us to win the case.

Sadly, this simple solution seems further away to be achieved than peace in the Middle East. In my experience, getting a Muslim group to sign a letter to a newspaper expressing "regret” at anything except the actions of extremist is like, well, banging your head against that brick wall, again.

Such a thing as a signature, takes a week if you are lucky — if not two, which is the norm — to drag forth. By which time the news cycle has moved on and a letter to the editor is woefully out of date and ineffectual. No wonder Islam has such a bad name today.

We have the worst "Public Relations Machinery" in the world.

Meanwhile, in Israel, the Prime Minister’s Office is looking to invest close to (Israel New Shekel) NIS 3 million to recruit and fund hordes of university students as part of the Israeli Apartheid PR mission.

That’s what is known as putting your money where your mouth is.

The Israeli PM's office is well aware — as are all organizations seeking to denigrate Islam — that the "demographic threat" to their mission, is not a mere game of numbers, for Muslims worldwide total approximately 1.6 billion at this time.

Almost, a third of the planet is aware of the Qur'an as the Holy Book of Allah, the Almighty. Yet, as the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, predicted, the day has arrived when we “Muslims are large in number, but like the foam of the sea."

This means Muslims become futile and possess no force; a frothy, pointless, unfeared, quickly disappearing, substance.

Or to put it even more bluntly, Ibn Umar reported that the Messenger of Allah said: "People are like a hundred camels amongst whom you hardly find one fit for riding."

 No, our numbers aren't what matters. As this seminar found, what matters is that we are becoming part of a politically astute, articulate, Islamic community


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