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Using Satellites is advantageous and disadvantageous. In the attempt to weigh both aspects of this novel technology, we plunge into diverse opinions of the learned scholars of Islam between those who support and legalize the use of the satellite and those who refute it and count it as one of the instruments of destruction. In this article, I will refer just to two of the most glaring views in this regard.

One: Using Satellites is a big Munkar which leads to fitnah, corruption and the distortion of our children’s characters.

The Satellite Dish, with its various channels is now rampant and widespread in many homes, broadcasting all sorts of delusion, immorality and calling to Kufr (disbelief) and atheism.

Furthermore, it portrays the images of women, intoxicants and prohibited gatherings as well as other evils going on all over the world.

Anyone who reflects on these immoral channels will be shocked by the audacity of the people involved in the Satellite TV in spreading immorality and opposition to Shari’ah and decent morals.

The Fatwa (Islamic ruling) given by the Former Chairman of the Permanent Committee for Scholarly research, Ifta, Dawah & Guidance; Sheikh Abdulaziz Ibn Baz states that “Satellite use is a big Munkar and that it is obligatory to ban the use of satellite dishes in every form, from selling, buying and manufacturing as all this leads to serious harms, huge corruption, spreading Kufr and immorality amongst Muslims.

Every Muslim needs to be aware of the bad effects of satellites and enjoin abandoning it so as to act upon Allah’s saying.

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 Help you one another in Al-Birr and At-Taqwa (virtue, righteousness & piety); but do not help one another in sin & transgression. And fear Allah, Verily, Allah is severe in punishment.” [Al-Maidah 5:2]

He also states that “Allowing children to watch satellite channels involves bringing them up to be heedless and idle”. The cartoons and animations become an obsession and play on the subconscious mind of the child which has a negative effect on their characters.

Sheikh Ibn Baz also says that watching TV in general is very dangerous and tempting for one who has no moral strength.

“However if a viewer has the moral strength to benefit from what is good and it will not attract them to evil then there is nothing to prevent them from that.”

He ends his ruling saying that, “The worst of all are the satellite dishes. It is obligatory for us to beware of them and avoid installing them in our homes. May Allah keep the Muslim safe from all evil!”

Two: With Regards to Islamic Satellite channels it is stated that some learned scholar (may Allah protect him) says: “The aims that can be achieved by engaging in Jihad and by supporting Islam through Da‘wah are many and varied, such as setting up Islamic satellite channels that call people to Allah, and supporting them in fulfilling the aim for which they were established. This is one of the greatest kinds of Jihad by means of media, and explaining Islam to people, because it has a great impact due to its power to attract and influence people, which is inherent in such media. Invasions of other nations by means of satellite campaigns is more effective than military campaigns, because satellite TV focuses on influencing minds, unlike military campaigns, which only capture tangible things whilst minds and hearts may be difficult to change, even if there is military success.” from Nawaazil az-Zakaah, p. 446 

Dr ‘Abd ar-Rahmaan al-Barraak (may Allah guide him) also says: 

“Purely Islamic satellite channels that focus primarily on spreading Islam, explaining its fundamentals and combating bid‘ah (innovation) are like community da‘wah centres, and may be more effective. The one who follows that fatwa with regard to giving zakaah to da‘wah centres may follow it with regard to Islamic TV channels.”

In conclusion, satellite channels appear to be two sided weapon. One has to be very prudent in using them to attain the pleasure of Allah and avoid using them to attract His wrath. And Allah knows best. May Allah guide all to that which is good.




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