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Al-Ihtisab which can be literally translated as "Contentedness" conventionally involves the act of seeking reward solely from Allah alone for any act of worship one does and the act of promoting virtues and prohibiting vices. It is one of themes treated by the Holy Qur'an and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him). However, in this piece we shall mention some of the prophetic traditions related with regards to this issue.

1-   - Allah does not approve for His believing slave, if He takes away his beloved one from among the people of the earth and he bears that with patience and seeking reward soley from Him but the paradise. (Graded Hasan) see hadith number: 1851 in Sahih Al-jami’

2-   - Surprising is the affair of a Muslim. When a calamity befalls him he is patient and seeks reward from Allah , and when any good comes his way, he praises Allah and shows gratitude. A Muslim is rewarded in everything even the morsel he puts in his mouth. (Authentic) see hadith number: 3986 in Sahih Al-jami’.

3-   -Whoever seeks reward for (the loss of) three of his children, will enter paradise. A woman stood up and said: “or two?” he said: “or two”. (Authentic) see hadith number: 5969 in Sahih Al-jami’.

4-  - Allah the most high said: “whoever I take away his beloved one but he perseveres seeking reward from Allah, I do not approve any reward less than paradise for him. (Authentic) see hadith number: 8140 in Sahih Al-jami’.

5-   -Allah the most high said: “O the son of Adam! If I take your precious one and you persevere at the first strike (of the calamity) seeking reward, I do not approve any reward less than paradise for you. (Authentic) see hadith number: 8143 in Sahih Al-jami’.

6-  - By the one in whose hand is my soul! The miscarried fetus will drag his mother by his umbilical cord to paradise if she were patient and sought reward (for her loss). (Authentic) see hadith number: 7064 in Sahih Al-jami’.

7-   - Allah the most high said: ” My believing servant has no reward with me when I take away his beloved one from among the people of the earth but he perseveres seeking reward from Allah alone other than paradise. (Authentic) see hadith number: 8139 in Sahih Al-jami’.

8-   -Upon every soul every day the sun rises is charity for himself from the various forms of charity: saying takbeer, subhan Allah, Alhamdulillah, la ilaha illa laah, asking Allah’s forgiveness, exhorting what is good and forbidding what is bad, taking away harmful objects like thorns, bones and stones from the road, guiding the blind, helping the deaf and dump to understand, leading somebody to achieve his need, going to help someone in need, and helping the weak, all these are charity from yourself. In your conjugation with your wife is reward. What about, if you have a son who has grown and you wished to get his reward but he died will you persevere and seek reward in him? Did you create him? Did you guide him? Was it you who made provision for him? So, similarly leave him in His permissibility and prohibition, if Allah wills he will make him live and if He wills he causes him to die and you will be rewarded. (Authentic) see hadith number: 4038 in Sahih Al-jami’.

9-   Whoever losses three (childre) from his loins in the path of Allah and he persevere seeking reward from Allah, paradise has become obligatory for him. (Authentic) see hadith number: 5949 in Sahih Al-jami’.

10-None of you women will lose three of her children and she is patient seeking reward except that she would enter paradise and even two. (Authentic) see hadith number: 7790 in Sahih Al-jami’.

11-Great and great for five things! How heavy they are on the scale: saying la ilaha illa laah, Subhan Allah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu akbaar, and for a Muslim to lose a righteous son and he is patient seeking reward from Allah. (Authentic) see hadith number: 2817 in Sahih Al-jami’.

12-If you fight in the course of Allah with patience seeking reward, facing the enemy without turning away, Allah will wipe away your sins except your depts. So Jibreel said to me a while ago. (Authentic) see hadith number: 1425 in Sahih Al-jami’.

13-Plague is a punishment sent by Allah upon whomever He wishes but Allah has made it a mercy to the believers. Thus, no one will be inflicted by a plague and he remains in his town patiently seeking reward from Allah, knowing that nothing befalls him except that which Allah has written for him, except that he is given the reward of a martyr. (Authentic) see hadith number: 3949 in Sahih Al-jami’.

14- When a man spends for the provision of his family while he seeks reward from that, it will be charity for him.  (Authentic) see hadith number: 402 in Sahih Al-jami’.

15- Whoever attends the funeral of a Muslim with faith and seeking reward and he stays with him till he prays over him and finishes from his burial, he will return with the reward of two qirat each of them like the mountain of Uhud and whoever prays over it and returns before the burial will return with one qirat of reward. (Authentic) see hadith number: 6138 in Sahih Al-jami’.

16-Whoever fasts the month of Ramadan with faith and seeking reward will have his past (and future) sins forgiven. (Authentic) see hadith number: 6325 in Sahih Al-jami’. The part of the hadit in bracket is weak according to Albany

17-Whoever observes the night prayers in Ramadan with faith and seeking reward will have his past sins forgiven. (Authentic) see hadith number: 6440 in Sahih Al-jami’.

18-Whoever observes the night prayers on the night of majesty with faith and seeking reward will have his past sins forgiven. (Authentic) see hadith number: 6441 in Sahih Al-jami’.




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