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Allah the Almighty in His infinite mercy towards mankind had sent Messengers and Prophets from among mankind to warn them against disobeying Him and give them glad tidings of the great reward that awaits those who obeyed Him.

Allah says in the Quran: Which can be translated to mean:

163. Verily, We have inspired you (O Muhammad) as We inspired Nuh (Noah) and the Prophets after him; We (also) inspired Ibrahim (Abraham), Isma'il (Ishmael), Ishaque (Isaac), Ya'qub (Jacob), and Al-Asbat [the twelve sons of Ya'qub (Jacob)], 'Iesa (Jesus), Ayub (Job), Yunus (Jonah), Harun (Aaron), and Sulaiman (Solomon), and to Dawud (David) We gave the Zabur (Psalms).

164. And Messengers We have mentioned to you before, and Messengers We have not mentioned to you, - and to Musa (Moses) Allah spoke directly.

165. Messengers as bearers of good news as well as of warning in order that mankind should have no plea against Allah after the Messengers. And Allah is Ever All-Powerful, All-Wise.

 (Q.4:163 – 165).

These prophets and Messengers of Allah (may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon them all) have rights and obligations upon us the believers, which we must observe. And observing them would be of  benefit to us both in this world and the day of judgment.

All the Messengers and prophets  of Allah (peace be upon them all) have equal share in these rights, only that the right to be followed is restricted to the last and seal of the Prophets and Messengers, Muhammad (peace be upon him) because his message is the last one from God Almighty to mankind and was described as the Criterion which has come to abolish the past laws. Allah said:

Which can be translated as:

"And We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], the Book in truth, confirming that which preceded it of the Scripture and as a criterion over it. So judge between them by what Allah has revealed and do not follow their inclinations away from what has come to you of the truth. (Q.5:48). 

So, as Muslims we must observe the following rights of the prophets and Messengers of Allah and discharge them as religious duties which we would be rewarded for, and which one would become an unbeliever if he or she refuses to recognize:

1.    Believing in them as prophets and Messengers of God, including those mentioned in the Qur'an and those not mentioned.

2.    Loving and respecting them. One must not abuse or try to rubbish their names and personality in any way.

3.    Obeying and following the commandments of the last of them only, and those commandments of those before him which tally with what is in the last book of God, the Qur'an, most prominent which is the commandment to worship Allah Only and supplicate to Him Alone, and to be truthful, honest and be of general good moral conduct.

4.    Obey him in all that he commanded us to do, including:

5.   Warning against Shirk (Polytheism) which they (peace be upon them all) warned us against and which is the association of partners with Allah in worship such as calling unto the dead and righteous and seeking help from them. The noble Prophet said: “Whoever dies and he used to call upon or worship other than Allah, he will enter the Hellfire.”

6.   Believe in the books revealed to them as being from Allah, notwithstanding that they have been manipulated and changed. We only believe but do not work with the corrupted versions.

8.   Defending them against the attacks on their personalities that could emanate from polytheists and other atheists.

ThThese are just a few among the rights of the Prophets and Messengers of

GAllah upon us and our obligations towards them (may Allah's peace and benedictions be upon them all). May Allah give us the wisdom and power to discharge these religious duties towards His Messengers and Prophets effectively and efficiently. Amin.


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