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One of the most terrifying and dangerous moments of the Day of Judgment is the passing on the sirat which is the bridge placed above hell fire. The first to pass on the sirat will be Prophet Muhammad-peace be upon him- with his ummah. There will be great disparity in the movement of people on the sirat depending on their deeds. Among them are those who will pass like lightening, some will pass like wind, some like birds while others will pass like hastening of persons.

 Abu Huraira-May Allah be pleased with him- narrated that the Prophet-peace be upon him- said: “the first of you will move like lightening. He (the narrator) said: I said: O thou who art far dearer to me than my father and mother! Which thing is like the passing of lightening? He said: have you not seen lightening, how it passes and then comes back within the twinkling of an eye? Then (they will pass) like the passing of wind, then like the passing of birds, and the hastening of persons will be according to their deeds, and your Prophet will be standing on the sirat (path) saying: save O my Lord save. (the people will go on passing) till the deeds of the servants will be failing in strength, till a man will come who will find it hard to go along (the path) but crawling. He (the narrator said): and on the side of the path hooks will be suspended ready to catch anyone whom these will be required (to catch). There will be those who will somehow or the other succeed in traversing the path and some will be piled up in hell.” (Reported by Muslim)

Abu Saeed Alkhudree-May Allah be pleased with him- narrated that the Prophet -peace be upon him- said while mentioning situations of the Day of Judgment: “… then a bridge will be placed on the Hell fire and intercession will be permissible, and they (the Prophets) will say: save O Lord save. It was said: O messenger of Allah what is the bridge? He said: a slippery path full of hooks and thorns. The believers will pass on it like the twinkle of an eye, and like lightening, some like wind some like birds, and some like horses. Some will succeed in traversing the path and some will be piled up in hell.” (Reported by Muslim)

In the hadith of Ibn Mas’ud he said: the Prophet -peace be upon him- said: “…the will pass on the path and the path is like the sword (in sharpness) and slippery. It will be said: traverse (the path) according to your deeds. Among them are those who will pass like the swooping of the star, some will pass like the twinkle of an eye, some like wind and some like the hastening of persons. They will crawl and move according to their deeds till a person whose degree of light is the extent of the thumb of feet. He moves one hand and hangs the other. He moves one leg and hangs the other and thus will be touched by fire.” (Reported by Al-Hakim).

These traditions of the Prophet and the likes explain the meaning of the verse: “And there is none of you except he will come to it. This is upon your Lord an inevitability decreed.” (Q19:V71). Meaning the verse is referring to the passing on the path. This was the interpretation of Ibn Abbass, Ibn Mas’ud and others.

Therefore, steadfastness on the Day of Judgment on the path goes along with steadfastness in this life. A person’s steadfastness on the path in this world will determine his steadfastness on the path place over Hell fire.

The Second Path which is the archway between Paradise and Hell fire

When the believers are through with the path they will be lockedup on an archway between paradise and Hell fire where they will retaliate all wrongs committed between them, none among them will return to hell fire.

This is because Allah knows that such disputes between them will not eat up their good deeds. Rather, they will have good deeds left that will make them enter paradise. The Prophet-peace be upon him- said: “the believers, after being saved from hell will be stopped at a bridge between hell and paradise and mutual retaliation will be established between them regarding wrongs they have committed in the world against one another. After they are cleansed and purified (through the retaliation) they will be admitted into paradise. By Him in whose Hands is the life of Muhammad, every one of them will know his dwelling better than he knew his dwelling in the world”. So this path is specifically for purifying the believers from sins connected with the servants so that they will enter paradise without any resentment or hatred in their hearts, like Allah described the people of paradise saying: “And We will remove whatever is in their breasts of resentment, [so they will be] brothers, on thrones facing each other.” (Q15:V47)

This is the sirat and this is the terrifying situation of people when they will pass through it. so think-my their brother- about what will befall you of terror in your heart when you see the sirat and its thinness, and when you sight the darkness of hell underneath it, and when you hear the braying of the fire and you have been instructed to pass on the sirat despite the fact that you are week, terrified and your legs are shaky talk less of the sharpness of the sirat. What do you think will happen when you put one of your legs on it and you feel the sharpness and in front of you are many people falling into the pit of hell fire.




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