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The term "Customary Marriage" has evolved in certain places to mean a kind of marriage whereby a marriage is contracted outside officially recognized atmosphere. Such marriage could be either written or not written down. The general picture of it is that all the required essentialities of a marriage in Islam are available: the acceptance from both sides, the guardians, the witnesses, the dowry stipulation, accepting all religious inclusive matters et al.

 The ruling on this kind of marriage is that it is correct for all the pillars and basic requirements of a sound marriage in Islam are fulfilled. In this sense, it does not differ from the officially recognized marriage except in the matters of documentation and following the processes stipulated by the system for that.

 The question is: Why are both of them or either of them is scared of documenting this marriage? Some possible reasons could be that:

-          The husband hides such if already married to another wife for fear of divorce from the first one on knowing his new marriage.

-          What official documentation demands of compulsory provision for the wife and other financial commitments.

-          Such marriages makes things much easier in the remote villages without going through all the strenuous processes of official papers.

-          Possible marriage between two individual with the support of their guardians out of fear of such not materializing in the unknown future.

Nonetheless, customary marriage is also faced with many challenges with one of the most significant being that in times of discord between the couple, there lies difficulty in proving such marriage for reasons like negligence on the side of the witnesses, or their forgetting, or even their denial or possibly death. For this reason, those opposed to it call for its prohibition or reducing it by enforcing an amount of money to be given to the first wife.

However, this marriage is really gaining grounds among those who find in them any of the above mentions reason to opt for it.



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