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Whether or not one is doing the Ruqya personally, asked others to do for him, or did not seek it, it is incumbent on him to first firmly believe that Allah is the Healer. He should conjure up good perception about Allah while calling to mind that all afflictions are from Allah to His slaves. He should know that it is an avenue of reaping rewards and promotion of grades, atonement of sins and obtaining the pleasure of the Lord of the slaves. Winning the beautiful promise(of Allah in paradise)is only for those who are patient in anticipation(of rewards from Allah) as was established in tradition of the Messenger of Allah:" never would a believer be afflicted with sickness and the likes except that Allah makes his sins to fall off just as a tree drops off its leaves.". it is a means of attaining the love of Allah and a sign of that(love) on him as was mention in a tradition:" if Allah loves a people He afflicts them, one who bore it with patients will have(the reward)of patient and one who becomes impatient( will have the result of)impatient. Enough is the love of Allah as a lofty status a servant can ever attain.


Hence, he must be characterized with the behavior of the good and pious people in times of calamities such as patience in anticipation of rewards, not being sorrowful and displeased. He must know that his lord is the best of all judges and the most merciful. He must seek out to Allah with what He loves and is pleased with. He should abstained from acts of disobedience and rebelliousness. His heart should tremble with Allah's magnificence while he is seeking for a cure and for removing the calamity as all such is effective and helpful in attaining healing.  


Furthermore, he should know that his Lord only intends good for him and that He knows better what is good for him whiles being careful of believing that ruqya can influence by itself, or denying its influence(by Allah's grace) or mocking and making fun of those who do it, or accepting ruqya on test. All these prohibitions prevent from seeing the effect of the ruqya.


It is incumbent on him to protect the ruqya, which is written on papers to be washed and drink its water, or the one recited in water to be drank. He must also be vigilant about the one that comprises the verses of the Qur'an and the Names and attributes of Allah from humiliations and places of dirt and the likes.


One should be foremost in drawing close to Allah through His obedience, doing good deeds and abstaining from evil deeds. This is done through good qualities, being kind to the creation, being constant and steadfast in the remembrance of Allah and showing humility towards Allah, these surely is part of what makes one to achieve benefits and push a way harms and leads to healing by the permission of Allah; the Mightiest and The Most Honored.  




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