Prayer Time

  |      |      |   The Message of Islam:

1-  To attract the conscious educated class of people through proper arrangement and profound delivering of the counselling  message and subject  which the preacher intends to give.

2-  To incite the spirit of competition among the guests of Islamic invitation from time to time, through competitions.

3-  To keep contacts with old friends and take advantage of public ocassions to give them advice.

4-  Using the mass transport during long journeys to talk directly with the passengers. This creates an atmosphere of sound monopoly for the preacher.

5-  To frankly talk to the negligent  at the proper time and manner, taking into account his self satisfaction and readiness to accept open dialogue, regarding his act of violation or otherwise seek someone else who can influence him.

6-  To diversify the techniques and means of inviting to the path of Allah while preaching to a negligent fellow or correcting and getting rid of an evil.

7-  To utilize the goodness in some sinners, like some aspects of sympathy or true  emotion towards good or  manhood by highlighting this aspect as the basis of inviting him to Islam; because no Muslim is totally void of some good aspects which can be developed to mobilize his soul.

8-  To invest situations  which are highly influential  in the souls (like the death of a relative or some disaster in wealth ... etc). This gives the propagator the chance to influence their hearts easily.

9-  To distribute books, Qur’aan, pamphlets and audio tapes.

10-              To write useful books and prepare scientific researches that affect the reality of people.



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