Prayer Time

  |      |      |   The Message of Islam:

1-  To distribute Da’wah notes and announcements  and follow-up  their delivery to people.

2-  To prepare useful missionary magazines free of illegitimate stuffs.

3-  To prepare and provide beneficial propagational magazines and books in barbing saloons, real estate offices and customers waiting areas.

4-  To frequently pay visit to villages and hamlets - especially those of relatives – to deliver speeches and lectures at social events, such as marriage and naming ceremonies.

5-  To conduct campings and Da’wah trips.

6-  To prepare advantageous programs for marriage festivals.

7-  To cooperate with Islamic propagation and guidance centres, cooperatice offices, charity establishments and districts centers.

8-  To follow up newspapers and magazines to get addresses of people interested in contact and communication domestically and internationally to preach to them through messages.

9-  To make the good of express ways and internal roads signboards bearing invocations by putting statements of Islamic propagation on them.

10-              To take advantage of the large electronic signboards normally found in public arenas bearing invocations for the purpose of Islamic propagation.



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