Prayer Time

  |      |      |   The Message of Islam:

1-  To give admonition through phone and text message and to benefit from counseling via the electronic message machine.

2-  Phone messages through mobile phone bluthooth.

3-  To spread and ditribute small Da’wah cards.

4-  To take along while traveling some books, palphlets, cassettes and leaflets to be distributed to travelers.

5-  To explore the conditions of the poor and needy inorder to make them known to the rich who can help them.

6-  To endeavour to reconcile between people and bring their hearts together.

7-  To subject telephone conversation for Islamic propagation and promoting the ties of kinship,  friendship and neighborliness.

8-  Guiding people to beneficial programs and useful magazines.

9-  To establish intellectual, relief, charity, missionary organzations and other modern mediums like (associations of district centers) e.t.c that will be useful in propagating Islam.

10-              To make the best of the projector machine in the process of inviting to the path of Allah.



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