Prayer Time

  |      |      |   The Message of Islam:

1-  To make the best of the computer and its various programs in the process of inviting to the path of Allah.

2-  To participate in conferences, seminars and meetings.

3-  To make the best of achievements published in Islamic propagation periodicals.

4-  Summer centers and evening district centers.

5-  To pay more attention to the pillars of Islamic propagation like (kiosks) in the markets and large commercial centers for the sale of tapes and Islamic publications.

6-  To defend learned scholars, preachers and righteous people and to disallow slanderings about them and state their virtues and excellences.

7-  To refute the suspicions of enemies about Islamic issues and to confront them with the strong response.

8-  To follow-up, detect and expose the plots and plans of enemies.

9-  To use scientific miracles based on sound  rules and principles of inference from the Qur'an and authentic  Sunnah in inviting people to believe in Allah the most High.



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