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Ibn Taymiyyah said "But some that follow false interpretations cling to some statements ascribed to some of the scholars which are either errors or misinterpretations".


Ibn al-qayyim stated, "Most wrong opinions ascribed to the scholars are based on misinterpretation rather it has never been said by these scholars but attributed to them by some of their followers based on their opinion that this can be inferred from the guiding principles of   the scholars. 

According to Ibn Taymiyyah "transmission is of two kinds;

1-Seen or heard transmission.

2-Deduction and inference transmission.

Ascribing an opinion to a scholar or Ahlu-sunnah might come because of personal inference based on guiding principles while it might not be a clear-cut statement of the scholar, most errors that happen in this respect are misconception. Their ascriptions are inferred opinions but not clear-cut statement of the scholars.

He equally said, it is mandatory upon every rightly guided Muslim to subject every weak statement related to orthodox scholars to scrutiny before relating or accepting it. How enormous are such related statements or inferred from the scholars guiding principles which are far from the reality of the scholars' adherences".


In addition, Al-imam Al-aozai equally said "It was never reported to us that any of the successors of the companions (May Allah be pleased with them all) said something about predestination except Al-Hassan and Makhul which was later found to be falsehood".

And As-subqiy said "How often do I see people listening to statements but give it wrong interpretation and also will completely change the content to what the author has never intended.


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