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Is it permissible to observe salatul-istikhara during prohibited periods of prayer? And what are those periods?


Ordinarily, supererogatory prayers are not allowed during prohibited periods, except that scholars differ on the permissibility of observing special purpose prayers known as Dhawaatul-Asbaab during prohibited times. The most authentic opinion is that it is permissible such as tahiyyatul-masgid (prayer offered whenever one enters the mosque), sunan wudoo (prayer offered whenever one performs ablution), salatul-istikhara especially when one is pressed.


If a person decides to avoid salatul-istikhara at these periods, it takes him away from areas of disagreements and he will have peace of mind. The Prophet-peace be upon him-has said: “Give up what is doubtful to you for that which is not doubtful”.

The prohibited times are:

-      From after the dawn prayers till the sun rises

-      The time the sun settles at the meridian till it passes it

-      From the time the sun begin to become yellowish till it sets.

Uqba bin Amir narrated that “there were three times at which Allah's Messenger forbade us to pray, or bury our dead: When the sun begins to rise till it is fully up, when the sun is at its height at midday till it passes over the meridian, and when the sun draws near to setting till it sets.”

Abu Saeed also narrated that the Prophet said: “prayers is not allowed after salatul-Asr till the sun sets, and prayers is not allowed after the dawn prayers till the sun rises”.


Is there a predefined period before the issue one is doing istikhara for?

There is not predefined period before the issue one is doing istikhara for. Rather, one should do istikhara after intending the issue and before carrying out actions on it. That was why the prophet said: “when one of intends an issue”.


If a person has already begin with the issue such as making marriage proposal or has already seen his or her fiancé then he remembers istikhara, it is recommended to still do it so long as the issue has not been concluded. If he misses istikhara, he should supplicate for Alllah’s blessings in it and protection form evil.



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