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 Early Muslims reached to the island of Bermuda in 1950. The message of Islam was brought to the North Pacific island of Bermuda  by African immigrants. At present there are about 600 Muslims in this island state. There are two Mosques, one Muslim School, several privately owned businesses. There is very little activities such as Jum’ah at both Masjids. Reversion to Islam is slow but steady. Islamic Center of Bermuda is working on establishing a Shura Committee to assist families with problems. They do have a visiting Hafiz for Ramadhan.

The people of Bermuda love Islam and Muslims. Many people in the country are likely to embrace Islam if proper da'wah work is conducted using modern means.

Sheikh Sharif Al-Elmi, imam of the Muhammad Mosque in Hamilton, said drugs are one of the major problems facing the people of Bermuda. "We are making intensive effort to protect Muslims as well as non-Muslims from this scourge," the imam said.

  Islamic Centers and Organizations

Islamic Centre of Bermuda (Masjidu Quba). This is the main Dawa center organized by Tabligh Jamat in Bermuda.This Masjid caters for the needs of Muslims (both local and foreign) in the area. It contacts  several Muslim Organizations throughout the world to help the local communities.

Islam in Focus Talk Radio Program: Dawah Radio & Outreach program for the listening public. Listeners tune in every Thursday at 6:10pm on 1340AM radio and may call in questions or comments (LIVE) pertaining to Islam and issues of the day.

Brunswick Street Bakery: Bakery selling halal chicken wings, drumsticks, potato wedges, steak sandwich, soups, mac & cheese, samosas, spaghetti bolognese, lasagna, shepherd\'s pie, rice & peas and many more. It is capable of catering for Eid functions, Friday night dinners at the Hamilton Mosque and many more.

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