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Abu Hurayra reported prophet(pbuh) said:whenever anyone of you fights his brother let him avoid the face,for Allah created Adam in His image.

 There is difference of opinion among the  scholars about the pronoun"in His image" to whom does it relate.

 Ibn khuzayma,Abu thawr and Abu shaykh Al-asba'ani  opine that it relates to other than Allah. Ibn khuzayma said the pronoun does not relate to Allah but the lashed.


In contrary the congregation of A'hlu-sunnah and the pious predecessors opine that it relates to Allah.Ibn taymiyyah  said,"there was no diverse opinion among the pious predecessors of the first three centuries that the pronoun relates to Allah,because the context of the hadith tends to that and other hadiths equally substantiate it,the opinion that relates the pronoun to other than Allah surfaced with the appearance of Al-ja'miyyah sect in the second century and that influenced scholars like Abu Thawr,Ibn Khuzayma,and Abu shaykh Al-asba'ani among ahlu Sunnah"

Among what substantiate the position of ahlu-sunnah is a relation from Ibn Umar that the prophet(pbuh) said:do not deform the face for Allah created Adam in the image of Ar-Rahman".

Abubakr Al-marwadhi said he inquired from Imam Ahmad about the Hadith of Abu Hurayra, and he explained it with the Hadith of Ibn Umar"

The scholars refuted Ibn Khuzayma's explanation on the Hadith.Ibn Taymiyyah quoted Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Malik in his book "Al-fusuul wal usuul"saying any interpretation not supported by the scholars is unacceptable even if related from a renowned scholar,like Ibn Khuzayma's  explanation on "Allah created Adam in His image"he was neither supported by his predecessors nor his successors.


Al-I'baadi relates in his book "kitabu-l-fuqaha"when itemizing each scholar's unique opinion that Ibn khuzamah is unique with this opinion".


Ibn Taymiyyah relates from Abu Musa Al-Madeeni  from Qiwwamu-s-sunnah saying "Muhammad Ibn Ishaaq  Ibn Khuzayma erred in Hadith of image and he cannot be vilified for that,only that such is not acceptable from him.

 Abu Musa said,he meant by that,that none but a few among scholars is free from human errors, and if every scholars is neglected because of his mistakes none will be spared except a few, and such is inappropriate.

 Imam Ad-dhabiy said while writing biography of Ibn Khuzayma and his book on Tawheed,he misinterpreted hadith of image!so he should be excused for misinterpreted some of Allah's attributes.If every scholar that errs,despite is correct faith and intention to follow the truth,is condemned and accused of innovation,a few will safe among the scholars(may Allah have mercy on them).


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