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The incessant terrorist activities, which are wrongly associated to Islam but of which Islam is innocent, followed by the systematic exploitation meant to distort its pristine representation and initiate the brutal concept held about Muslims, thus resulting in racial hostility actions against Muslims in general and those living in American and European countries in particular, as it is happening right now in France after the recent Paris bomb blast.

Without a shred of doubt, Media with all its channels is the fourth authority influencing the public. It is the most effective and fastest means of spreading the pure Islamic teaching based on upright ideology through a balance, moderate, unbiased and lenient approach, which will ultimately correct the wrong impression about Islam.


The Media organization under the leadership of Sheikh /Prof. Abdul-Aziz Al-Fawzan Al-Fawzan, an academician and a member of Public Human Rights Organization of Saudi-Arabia, has a unique experience in this regard. Almost eleven years ago, he launched the "Islam message Network" which uses the internet to serve Islam and Muslims through diverse languages among which are English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and Russian languages.

Equally, it partakes in broadcasting through many channels including Cordoba TV in Spanish from Madrid, which won the Golden Wreath Award that is the topmost prize in Europe, Latin America and Russia for its role in outspreading positive intercommunication between the Islamic and Spanish culture as it was emphasized in an article published by Al-Madina daily on the 8th of April, 2014.

The prosperous journey of "The Islamic message" continues through the leadership of its board of trustees under the governance of his eminence Sheikh /Dr. Abdullah Al-Maneei', a member of the Council of Senior Scholars of Saudi Arabia.  In the same vein it inaugurated more than three months ago, a television station; the Islamic International Peace TV broadcasting in Chinese, a language of more than one and half billion people. Moreover, a couple of days ago it launched another channel (Mansahay), meaning "the message", broadcasting in the Pilipino language, of over one hundred and twenty million people.

While we show appreciation and gratitude to the flag bearers of these marvelous communication endeavors, we equally channel a sincere call towards the Muslim governments, scholars and Muslim businesspersons to replicate this effort, take advantage of it in a period of clash of tribulations, and rise in the scope of defaming Islam  the religion that upholds benefits, goodness, safety and peaceful coexistence for the entire humanity .It is duty bound upon us to spread it in its originality, like I emphasized in many articles, before it is hijacked by terrorist groups.


"An article originally published by Mr. Abdullah Munawwar Al-Jameeli in Al-Madinah daily on 20th December, 2015".




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