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The first one :The research warns against placing television set and computer system in children's bedroom, because these electronic sets serve as impending factors to sleeping process, which result to memory disorderliness and poor performance in the school.

 The researchers from "Holsanca" university indicate the importance of sleeping to the children, while it contributes in a great deal to the development and mental and psychological stability.

According to a British daily "Daily Mail" the research was conducted through selected questions administered on 353 children between the age of ten and eleven as regard the relationship between using television set and computer system and their sleep patterns.


The researcher discovered that the more the child is addicted to these appliances the more he goes late to bed, even if he has to attend the school the next day or morning.

The researchers also concluded that presence of these devices in bedroom particularly result to mental disorderliness and such children are less active in sport activities and will lose interest in sleep habit as against their age mates. In addition, this as the resultant effect of the changes in their hormones affected by the screen rays.

The second one: IPad serves as hindrance to children learning and discipline.

The recent American research study establishes that tablet electronics like IPads reduce children ability to learn and affect their self-control skills.

 The researchers from college of medicine, university of Washington in America tried through the research to know the effect of Handsets on children's memories before the school age, they concluded that intensive utilization of these appliances negatively affect the brain.



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