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A lot of mothers have fears and worry over their sons at the stage of adolescent when they begin to use mobile phones considering that it is the closest friend to him. The phone is always with him day and night, and he carries it along with him to everywhere even to the bathroom or to bed when he wants to sleep. He is addicted to it and the mother does not know what she is supposed to do in this situation.

At the beginning it is pertinent for you to inform your child before buying the phone for him that this phone has defined purposes of which its usage must be restricted to. In this case, she has two options; either the phone is strictly for making and receiving calls or it is capable of accessing the internet with all that is in it, and this means that the phone is an avenue for to different sites of social network.

You may receive advices from many people that you can implement some parental supervision on smart phones and that you should control the time that you give permission to your son to use the phone. For example, no phone calls after 11pm, or put a control on the search engine to control the sites he can log into. However, all these measures from you and his father will not do much especially if your son has actually crossed over to adolescence.

The best method to adopt in reducing the dangers of phones is to remind your son of the importance of being conscious of Allah in everything he does and that Allah is watching him continuously, and that no matter he thinks about being saved from people’s eyes, Allah sees him wherever he is hence he should fear Allah in his usage of this favor that has been provided for him.

When it comes to addiction to phones, nothing is more important than teaching the children the dangers of too much usage of phones. You have to enlighten them of the possible effects of such addiction. In addition to that, you can emphasize on the fact that it can prevent them from achieving their dreams but wasting their time and energy which can be for studying, creativity and social networking.

You have to continue to be on close relation with your children. Effective conversation between you and your son helps you to know about how he uses his phone and also helps you to be able to give proper and timely advice such that will guarantee his acceptance and obedience.

Naturally, you do not want you son to lay under the bed sheet exchanging messages with friends through SMS, twitter or face book. Therefore, you have to make it a principle that your son does not go to bed with his phone.





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