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 Millions of children around the world are using cell phones. In a country like Britain, about 70% of children own mobile phones and nothing separates them from the internet except only a quick touch on the phone screen.

The phone is no longer a means parents use to check on their children and find out their location, it has become the focus of control to which children has fallen prisoners to without the slightest resistance.

The German initiative "Watch what your kids are doing with media" had warned of the possession of children of smartphones before reaching the age of twelve, and that in order for a child to be sufficiently mature, it should not be allowed for him/her to use such devices until the above age, and even after that age, it is recommended to codify the phone for children not more than an hour Daily.

On the other hand, the initiative warned of the danger of strictly banning children from the use of mobile phones; noting that the apparent use of the phone before the eyes of parents and educators is better than forcing children to use the phone away from the parents secretly so as for parents to be aware of what children are doing with these phones, as well as persons who communicate with them through it.

In order to properly use these phones, the initiative has advised parents to agree with their kids on some specific rules for their use of these mobile phones, activate the security settings as well as install special programs for the protection of children and young people.

The initiative has identified certain times to be agreed upon between the parents and children in which children may not use mobile phones to ensure the survival of social warmth between family members.

The initiative made by  the website of  Al-Jazeera Net explained that these times must not be, for example, , periods where the family eat, as well as periods of doing  homework, stressing that communication through the phone should not be a substitute for family activities or meeting with friends.


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