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A new study has corroborated previous studies in establishing the damages of smartphones. This time around the research is from German University of Manihaim where researchers have established a relationship between using smartphones and rise of tension among children. The study stated that one fourth of children between the ages of 8-14 years who were interviewed said they feel tensed as a result of continuous communication with their pears through cell phones applications like as whatsup and other applications.

The researchers also found out that 8% of the study sample indicated that they use their smartphone excessively to the extent that they are threatened by the dangers of addiction to phones.

Five hundred children were studied and half of them attested that using smartphone has diverted from their school work. 20% of them are suffering from problems relating to academic achievement because of their use of phones and its applications. While 15% of the children studied pointed that they are ignored their real friends because of friends in the world of assumptions available in mobile phones, while 11% among them were face with stress or removal from private groups in whatsup applications.

A German magazine “fokos” also reported that researcher Karine Knob from the University of Manihaim said that excessive usage of smartphones on the part of children is as a result of their fear from being prevented from electronic interaction with their pears.

On his own side, the union of children and youth doctors in Germany warned against physical and psychological effects on children as a result of excessive usage of smartphone.

A group of ophthalmologists have also observed an increase in the percentage of short sightedness among children and youth which some people believe is a result of widespread of smartphone. It should also be that the British society for backbone assessment pointed out that some people’s mania with smartphone has led to increase in the number of youth suffering from backbone problems as a result of long standing in front of small phone screen which leads to increase in the load and stress of the backbone. Other problems encountered by children and elderly ones who excessively use phones include anxiety as a result of frequent check on messages on the phone.

Furthermore, among the damages discovered by the researchers is weak concentration in the sense that they found out that smartphones reduce the attention and concentration of users and makes them less active in solving difficult problems.

Founder of Apple stops his children from using mobile phones.

Steve Jobs, the owner and founder of Apple, the leading phone in the area of smartphone, in an interview before his death confirmed that he does not allow his children to spend much time with these phones pointing that his daughter had no i-pad. In an interview with New York Times while talking about his children’s usage of such systems he said: “they don’t use those systems except under a very limited range” whereas Bilton, the journalist interviewing Jobs assumed that the walls of Jobs’ house will have screens all over it.

Bilton also said after the interview which took place in the year 2010, he met many executive heads of technology companies and many entrepreneurs who also said similar thing. He also said Jobs was usually keen to have dinner on a big and long kitchen table, and discusses with his children about books, history and different issues and emphasized that his children were not addicted to mobile phones.



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