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There is no doubt that learning Arabic language should be one of the top priorities - and indeed, it should be seen as one of the basic necessities – for Non-Arab Muslim Minorities who wish to study Islam. Likewise, the teaching of Arabic is equally a priority for those who wish to impart Islamic knowledge to others.

This is so is because Arabic language is the language of our enduring religion. The Qur’an was revealed in Arabic. Allah says (meaning): “Indeed We have made it an Arabic Qur’an that perchance you will comprehend.” [Q43:V3]

Just as the Qur’an came to us in Arabic, the Sunnah of our Prophet (peace be upon him) came to us as well. Both of these sources are Arabic in their wording, in their idioms, and in their meanings. Because of this, the people of knowledge have concurred that proper understanding of the sacred texts can only be realized in accordance with the dictates of the Arabic language as understood by the Arabs at the time the revelation took place.

As such, Sheikh-ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyah said: “Arabic Language is part of Islam, and its knowledge is an obligation. For surely understanding of the Qur'an and the Sunnah is an obligation, and these two are not understood except with the understanding of the Arabic Language, and whatever obligation that cannot be fulfilled except by certain steps then those steps themselves become obligatory (to fulfil the initial obligation)”

If a person who wishes to seek Islamic knowledge is not a native speaker of Arabic, he needs to learn the language and acquire a solid understanding of it. This will enable him to understand the meanings being indicated by the Qur’an and Sunnah with respect to Islamic Law. Once he is equipped with this ability, he will be able to carry out what the Qur’an and Sunnah command  and shun what these two sources prohibit .

The level of Islamic Awareness among many non-Arab Muslim Minorities is low and there are very few Muslim scholars among these minorities. Hence, they need to devote additional effort to learning and teaching Arabic Language especially to the young ones because that will ease their understanding of Islam and breed a generation of scholars among their populace.



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