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High tone warnings, have been launched by specialists in the mental health of children against over-exposing them for hours in front of the television without an educational plan.

The German Association of Pediatrics and Adolescent warned that the length of time the child spends to watch TV hinders the processes of language development in children, due to the obstruction of their speaking with their parents.
In this regard, a recent study published in the journal "Journal of Children & Media" found that leaving children in front of TV clearly hinders the processes of language development in children; and that's because of the reduction of rate of recurrence of fathers or mothers to talk with the child.

The researchers in that study monitored a group of parents, accompanied by their young children between the ages of one and three years, while playing for sixty minutes, and  having TV running in the background for only half an hour of the play period, it was then plainly concluded that the rate parents talk with children throughout the period of TV operation was low, as it reviewed  the number of words and sentences and new words throughout the operating period, compared to the other half-hour in which TV was not running.

The study recommends the "necessity to specify certain times for parents to play with their kids without having any objects in the background that cause minds' distraction, knowing that television should not be run in a room for kids less than two years ".

Preventing less than two years' children from watching television.
The American Academy of Pediatrics stresses on the need to prevent children below two years from watching TV. They found after several studies that watching TV negatively affects the mental development of children.
Even after the first two years of the child's age, he's left in front of television according to a balanced schedule of clauses and subjects that should be viewed as no more than two hours a day, and the objective should not be to free the mother from the trouble of holding the child or playing with him.

Behavioral effects on children.
There is no doubt that television captivates the child and controls all his senses by video and audio, and from presented content the child's personality is formed, then the aggressive content creates a violent child, and contents against morality creates a child with imbalance moral.
When a child watches a movie containing revenge and violence, his psyche is wildly affected, and his quietness might turn behaviorally to be aggressive; because he inevitably imitates everything he hears or watches, as it was noticed that the child's sense of security  fades to the extent that he fears to go out of the house as he used to previously.
Advantages of TV.
- Enriches the child's culture through documentaries and educational materials.
- Supports social relations and makes the child familiarized with the nature of interaction between people outside the house.
- Increase in vocabulary learned from the movies and cartoon's episodes.

Disadvantages of TV.
- In light of the globalization of the media, some of the presented materials has irregularities relating to Faith (Buddhist, or non-religious atheistic).
- Imagination and creativity of the child was killed due to his drown in fictional films.
- Fosters a spirit of recidivism and laziness and complacency because of the saturation of roles of super hero who orders the leprechaun of what he wants  and it's executed on the spot, it's then settled in front of the child questions along the lines of (why work, fatigue, studying and memorizing as long as I can get Alaa'u Adddin's lamp?)
- Adverse effects on child health and fatigue of the eyes due to the long sit near the screen and high concentration, which is a threat from the risk of obesity due to lack of movement.
- Isolation from the family because the television filled the social milieu of the child.
- Daydreaming becomes a haven for the child to achieve his goals and aspirations, through which he imagines the way of cartoon's heroes in achieving the goals.
- The danger of scenes of adult movies and serials and trying to imitate them, which threatens to early moral-degeneration.


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