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          A girl of ten years of age, with coloured glasses, while going to the school, continuously dressing her hair, appears in short dress and decides to expose her child femininity. She has five hundred Facebook friends among them are her classmates, boys and girls. They make funs among themselves, discussing freely and normally farcical issues.



This is never an imagination but a rampant and overwhelming reality among today's youth.


         We should not be surprised of the degradation of natural bashfulness in a small girl, when she watches both local and foreign drama every day and night, memorizes names of every Indian and Turkish actors, reacts exactly like her mother to every scene of those drama and those that centered on  love in a distorted manner.                 


        A grown up girl watching episodic drama will surely be influenced by the air drive stream of foreign movies that easily penetrate the mind and the sense, and which eventually aggravate family discord. This movies usually present extra ordinary state of love between men and women and made centered on family live style which mostly represent devilish thoughts, like a woman dating two men at the same time, longing  for concubine. If this is the state of an experienced mature lady, what should be the fate of a young girl who is just growing up ?.




Information before its time!


If a child is exposed to an information that is beyond his understanding and cannot be absorbed by his system and predict its aftermath, his hearth will stifle and something important will get damaged in him.. innocence, bashfulness and serenity of mind, his infancy is damaged and as a result he will attain a deformed adolescence !                                         


An infant emulates and imitates the adults until he attains adolescent age when he develops and establishes his personality. What is expected if his early experiences on every day and night were based on love and passion, treachery and indecency, which are the true nature of the movies? In addition to parade of nudity, vulgar adornment and strain life style before young girls, what about repugnant meaning of normalcy of girl friendship between boys and girls, being weary of the parents and the right to experience and involve in sexual intercourse? What about both manifest and hidden erotic signs that are being displayed by these drama, the child does not understand these but feel it and will personally concept it and complement it among his mates                      !


Since children education is an important phenomenon, it is duty bound upon the parents and the teachers to take a proper care of it through a well-informed and gradual methodology appropriate to their age, ability and psychology. This supposed to be expected function of drama



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