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 A Canadian study has concluded that children who excessively watch movie series on television are more exposed to violence from their colleagues in study. The researchers who conducted the research at the pediatric hospital of the University of Montreal in Canada said excessive watching of television by under aged children cause tension in their social activeness and interaction with those around them, and this leads to lack of social skills development.

Bullying is a form of harm from one person to the other or on group to the other, and includes the use of force by one party against the other.

The study also stated that the relationship between watching television at the age of 29 months and the exposure of children to violence from their colleagues when they reached the age of 12 years. He study comprised about two thousand children both male and female. The researchers found out that watching television by children at an early stage exposes more to violence from their colleagues when they go to school, because the television affects the activities of their brain and makes them unable to solve problems and interact positively with those around them.

The results of the research published in the “children medicine: behavioral and development” magazine confirmed that reducing the rate at which children watch television can be a means to strengthening their psychological health in the future, because their exposure to violence at young stage increases the dangers of them being afflicted with health problems for a long time such as grief and self-contempt.

On its own part, the American Academy for pediatrics advised that children who are two years and above should not watch television for more than one to two hours daily. At the same time, the Academy pointed that American children spend about seven hours daily in front media and amusement including television, computer and other electronic devices. It also warned that excessive usage of the media raises the possibilities of being afflicted with lack of attention, obesity and learning difficulty.





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