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Islam is a minority religion in Botswana, where most people follow Christianity and indigenous beliefs. Islam came to the country through Muslim immigrants from South Asia, who settled in the area during the British colonial rule. According to the 2001 census, there are around 5,000 Muslims in Botswana,[1] which is less than 1 percent of the population. The relations between the different religious groups remain peaceful and friendly despite rising inter-religious tensions in the other parts of Africa (


The Botswana people are divided into various ethnic groups with their names relating to the different regions of Botswana.


Currently, Botswana has a population of about 1.7 million people, with about 10,000 Muslims. It is free from racial discrimination and guarantees freedom of religion for all. Botswana has a colorful community with people from different ethnic backgrounds, including Africans, Indians, Pakistanis, and Europeans.



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