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This region consists of seven island nations and territories, the total population in this region increased from 0.1 million in 1870, to 0.2 million in 1950, to 0.6 million by 2020.

Several Protestant denominations, as well as the Roman Catholic Church, are present in every Micronesian state. Most Protestant groups trace their roots to American Congregationalist missionaries. On the island of Kosrae, the population is approximately 7,800; 95 percent are Protestants. On Pohnpei, the population of 35,000 is evenly divided between Protestants and Catholics. On Chuuk and Yap, an estimated 60 percent are Catholic and 40 percent are Protestant.

Religious groups with small followings include Baptists, Assemblies of God, Salvation Army, Seventh-day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), and the Baha'i Faith. There is a small group of Buddhists on Pohnpei, with Buddhists forming about 0.7% of the population as of 2010. Attendance at religious services is generally high; churches are well supported by their congregations and play a significant role in civil society.

Most immigrants are Filipino Catholics who have joined local Catholic churches. The Filipino Iglesia Ni Cristo also has a church in Pohnpei. In the 1890s, on the island of Pohnpei, intermissionary conflicts and the conversion of clan leaders resulted in religious divisions along clan lines, which persist today. More Protestants live on the western side of the island, while more Catholics live on the eastern side. Missionaries of many religious traditions are present and operate freely. The Constitution provides for freedom of religion, and the Government generally respected this right in practice. The US government received no reports of societal abuses or discrimination based on religious belief or practice in 2007.

What about Muslims?

It's clear that Muslims are a real minority in Micronesia, in the above-mentioned description, we seem to understand the non-existence of Muslims in this state, however that's far to be right, because according to the 1994 census, the Islands had 105,506 inhabitants out of which 26 or 0.02% were Muslims. In addition, the number of Muslims has later on increased and reached about 420 or 0.08%/span. Moreover, from a new-released approximation, the related Muslim population will reach 0.3% by 2020.

That's to say more and more Da'awah is much needed in Micronesia to make people therein discover Islam and understand the peacefulness of Islam and to which extent Islam helps human make a better life environment with peace, mercy and blessing from Allah – the All-Merciful – and guarantee a huge reward in this life and the Hereafter.




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