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 Despite strenuous efforts by governments and civil society organizations concerned with the health of human and environmental conservation, and efforts to educate individuals of different age groups on the grave health and economic damages that smoking can cause, and what smoking can lead to in terms of serious and fatal diseases, we are still confronted with a growing number of smokers of all ages and gender categories, male and female. Some may wonder about the reasons behind this habitual practice of such malignant smoking, and the determination not to quit it, even though everyone understands the harm of smoking and the personal damages it causes to them which is due to the adverse effects of smoking on both health and the environment.


Perhaps the most notable reasons that can be cited in this regard, is the act of children imitating their smoking parents; as many researchers believe that a large proportion of smokers have acquired smoking habit from their parents.

Also, a smoking friend or spouse can also be a primary reason for the individual acquisition of the bad habit  as individuals tend to imitate their peers and friends in many behaviors including smoking.

In addition to the above, the leniency in the application of laws governing trade in goods related to smoking, such as cigarettes and tobacco, etc., may lead to easy acquisition of smoke, especially by teenagers and young people category; a category more prone to fall into the trap of the ugly habit of smoking.

 Again , the absence of deterrent laws to curb smoking in public places such as universities, schools and shopping centers, and the mediums of transportation, among others. Other reasons noteworthy of mention is that, a lot of male adolescents believe that smoking is one of the attributes of manhood; even to the extent of believing that the manhood will not be complete until when smoking is practiced!! Some female smokers may also believe that smoking is a manifestation of the expression of personal freedom, and a sign of civility especially when they display and make show ups in public places, social and celebrative events!!

People who are afflicted with this grievous pestilence may claim that smoking helps in easy accomplishment of works that requires a great deal of mental concentration; such as writing, authoring, studying, painting and composing. Others may also claim that smoking helps in alleviating the pressure of the problems they may face; as they believe that smoking is a means of reprieving the psychological depressions and sufferings of painful moments.

The stated above are some of the reasons that led many individuals to the habit of smoking whose harm on the health of individuals, the environment and economy was confirmed by all scientific researches carried out on smoking.

Being faced with the phenomenon of serious smoking, we all; individuals, institutions and governments are invited today to unite our efforts and to address the abhorrent smoking habit  and to fight it relentlessly, with all our means of mentorship and outreach enactment and enforcement of legislation, to reduce the effects of this destructive smoking phenomena which has dangerous repercussions on the self, money and community for all to enjoy a clean environment, free from smoke of all kinds.


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