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All praises and thanks are due and belong to only Allah. May His peace and blessings be upon the final prophet and Messenger to humanity, the Prophet Muhammad, his family, companions and all such follow his path with piety and righteousness.

Islam guides to all that is good and forbids all evil in interpersonal dealings even if it is to a non-Muslim. This is required of a Muslim towards his neighbors, co-workers and family relations even if they are non-Muslims and whether it is in the month of Ramadan or other than it of other months. However, considering the fact that the month of Ramadan is a season where acts of worship are accorded multiple rewards, and for the fact that the Muslim daily course of life changes in this month, it is advisable that the Muslim exercise extra vigilant in maintaining good relations with non-Muslim neighbors and colleagues and not given way for this change of his/her nutritious lifestyle affect this relation.

In many countries with Muslim minority and even in Muslim majority societies, chances of living in same apartments with non-Muslims are very high. In offices, factories, and in means of transport, we come in contact with many non-Muslims. If this happen while one is observing a fast in the month of Ramadan, it is advisable to follow the following guidelines.

1-Patience and Tolerance. One should observe a high level of patience and tolerance with his non-Muslim colleagues in the month of Ramadan so as for the month of Ramadan not to be stigmatized as a month of impatience which is opposite to the inherent benefits of Ramadan.

2-politeness in words while addressing non-Muslims in the month of Ramadan. The fasting Muslim should not be overwhelmed with the pangs of hunger in Ramadan to the extent that he forgoes this etiquette which is a very powerful tool to demonstrate the Islamic teachings in interpersonal communications.

3- Sharing good moments with non-Muslims if that does not go against the teachings of Islam and sanctity of the month of Ramadan.

4-One who is used to doing good to non-Muslim neighbors such as visiting them should not completely abandon this act just with the excuse of the fast of Ramadan, but rather should continue it whiles making sure it does not affect the discharge of any obligatory act of worship or the optional acts of worship in Ramadan such as the Taraweeh prayer.

Whilest it is generally difficult to list all the ways of maintaining good relations with non-Muslims in the month of Ramadan in this article, it is highly recommended that one should keep all standard codes of good conduct with non-Muslims in the month of Ramadan or better still improve upon them especially if the intention is to show them the way to the realization of the beauty  of the indomitable religion of Islam. And Allah knows best.



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