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Double-face attitude is a practice of some people, they praise some excessively in their presence to earn worldly material but later backbite them. A severe punishment has been promised for those that engage in this heinous act. According to a prophetic tradition related by Abu Hurayra (may Allah be pleased with him) that the prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said" you see among the worst set of people on the day of judgment, double-faced ! He who appears to some differently from how he appears to other group." Al-Bukhari 6058, Muslim 2526.

This a person that appears to a group as if he is part of them and as an opposition and malicious to the other group. On the other hand, passing information of one group, which is not easily accessed, to other opposing group.

Al-Qurtubiy said, "The double-faced is the worst of all men because his case is liken to that of a hypocrite that flatters with fabricating and falsehood and spread evils among the people.

An-Nawawi said "he is the one that appears to each of opposing groups with what please them and seems part of them and against the other, his action is hypocrisy, a blatant falsehood and deceit, he deceptively accesses information of each of the groups! This is a forbidden flattery."

A commendable act is when he appears to each of the groups with laudable actions of the other and finds excuses for each before the other, and spreads good news from each to the other and do away with blasphemous ones. It is obligatory upon those that know this kind of persons to admonish and worn them against the heinous act, it is hypocrisy which brings about hatred and make people to stay away from its perpetrator. Such a person can never achieve his goal through this prohibited means.


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