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All the praises belong to Allah; The Lord of the Worlds, and May His peace and blessings be upon our noble Prophet Muhammad, upon his family and all companions. To proceed:

This article gives three great glad tidings for those who pledge themselves for a good upbringing of daughters or a group of near kindred females, and hence, strive to give them Islamic upbringing, teach them and encourage them on the truth,  enjoined them to keep their chastity and distance them from what Allah has been forbidden.

The first glad tiding:

It is narrated that a very poor woman, with two daughters, came to Aisha's (may Allah be pleased with her) place to beg. By chance, Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) had only one date with her, at that time, which she gave to the woman. The woman broke the date into two parts and gave one part each to the girls. She did not eat anything of it herself. After some time, when  the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) came, Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) related the incident to him, he remarked:

"The believing man or woman upon whom there is the responsibility of daughters and he or she discharges it well and treats them with affection, the daughters will become a means of freedom, for him or her, in the hereafter."(Reported by Bukhari).

Ibn Hajar whilest commenting on this tradition said:

“This tradition stresses the right of daughters (or girls) due to their weakness in most cases in seeking for their interest as contrary to boys. Boys have the physical strength and the ability to deal with many needed issues in many situations”. ( Fath Al-Baari 429/10)

What this means is that: whoever Allah decreed two daughters for and he treated them well shall have them as a screen against the hellfire on the Day of Resurrection. Meaning, Allah will protect him from the fire due to his kindness towards them (the daughters). This is due to girls' weakness to seek for livelihood because the one who seeks for livelihood is a man.( commentary of Riyaadus-Sualihiien by Uthaimeen 107/3 with a few interpolation)

Second Glad Tiding

This great and benevolent reward is in favor of both parents; the father and mother altogether.

Third Glad Tiding:

This reward is general in the upbringing of girls and also in the upbringing of other female members of the family such as sisters, paternal and maternal aunties and their likes.

With regards to the above two glad tidings, Ibn Baaz said:

 “The tradition is general with regards to the father….. And the same applies if he was having aunties and their likes and he treats them with kindness, we hope for him jannah for this act. This is because anytime he does well to them he is entitled to a great reward and is screened from the hell fire. This is however unique only with Muslims because if a Muslim does these good deeds , he has indeed followed the means of salvation from the hellfire and entry into Jannah, hence, a believer must profusely do such acts while bearing in mind that, Islam itself is the basis and the fundamental means of entering Jannah and winning salvation from the Fire( collection of verdicts of Ibn Baaz 376/4). Allah knows best and may His salutations and benedictions be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and all companions . Glory belongs and is due to only Allah.


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