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Lubaba bint al-Harith ibn Hazzan Jubayr ibn Hazm ibn Rubiya  ibn Al-Huzaniyah Al-Ameeriyah ibn Abdullah ibn Hilal ibn Amer ibn Saasaa. Her mother was Hind bint Awf ibn Zuhayr ibn Al-Harith. Lubaba was a member of the Hilal tribe, a branch of the Amir who were prominent in Mecca. (This tribe was distinct from the Quraysh.) Lubabah also known as Umm Fadl, and she was among the prominent early Muslims.

Lubaba had two brothers and a sister (Maimuna; prophet's wife) from this marriage, and her father had three daughters from another wife. Her father died while she was still a child, and then her mother married another man whose name is  Khuzayma ibn Al-Harith Al-Hilali. This marriage produced one daughter but was short-lived, and Hind next married Umays ibn Ma'ad Al-Khathmi, by whom she had three further children.

Lubaba married Abbas ibn Abd-al-Muttalib al-Hashimi, who was an uncle of the prophet {peace and blessings of Allah be upon him} and this union produced seven children: Al-Fadl, Abdullah, Ubaydullah, Quthum, Mabad, Abdur-Rahman and Umm Habib.

She claimed to be the second woman to convert to Islam, the same day as her close friend Khadijah. She and her sisters { Maymuna bint al-Harith and Zaynab bint Khuzayma} were very prominent in the early Muslim community. The prophet {peace and blessings of Allah be upon him} commented on their family effort: "The faithful sisters are Asma and Salma, daughters of Umays, and Lubaba and Maymuna, daughters of Al-Harith."

She was named as Lubabah As-Sughra to differentiate her from her sister known as Lubabah Al-Kubra

She died during the caliphate of Uthman. May Allah be pleased with her, Aameen.


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