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The proof of this is the hadith of Abu Huraira (may Allah be please with him) that the Messenger of Allah may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “if you say to your colleague on a Friday : keep quite-whiles the Imam is giving the sermon-then you indeed committed a vain act”

Due to this, it is not allowed to offer the salaam or greetings during the course of khutba(sermon) due to the Prophet’s order for the congregation to keep silence while the Imam is delivering the sermon. An-Nawawi said:  it is disliked to offer the salaam during khutba due to the order to observe silence in the course of it, and if he offers salaam, responding to it is not binding. It is however binding in the sight of those who opined that it is Sunna but in which ever of the two cases; it is not befitting for him to respond to more than one greeting (or salaams).

Question: Is it compulsory for people to respond to a greeting offered by one who entered the mosque while the imam is delivering the khutba?

The Answer: is not permitted for one who entered(the Masjid) while the imam is on the pulpit on Friday to greet the congregation in the mosque and even if he does, it is not binding upon those in the mosque to respond to him, but if they responded to him with a gesture, that is permissible.

Question: What should one do if he was greeted by someone sitting by him or offer him a handshake in the course of the khutba?

The Answer: he should respond to him with a handshake and should not utter a word and should respond to him (in words) after the first sermon. If he offers the salaam when the imam is in the second sermon, then respond to him after the imam has finishe with the second sermon.



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